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Accounts Receivable Software Review

Accounts receivable represent sales that have not yet been collected as cash.  Receivables constitute the primary source for the funds that are needed to run most commercial enterprises today.  You sell your merchandise or services in exchange for a customer's promise to pay you at a certain time in the future. If your business commonly extends credit to its customers, then the payment of accounts receivable is likely to be a large factor of your cash inflows. In the worst case scenario, unpaid accounts receivable will leave your business without the necessary cash to pay its own bills. More commonly, late-paying or slow-paying customers will create cash shortages, leaving your business without the cash necessary to cover its own cash outflow obligations.

ManageMore's accounts receivable features can help your cash flow by analyzing your customer's debt and providing tools which will aide you in collecting your money smoothly, quickly, and efficiently.  By being able to enter all of your cash receipts, invoices, and credit memos into a fully integrated business software, you will ultimately have more automated control over your accounts.

ManageMore's accounts receivable software efficiently tracks incoming payments and keeps up-to-date account aging on-screen at all times.  It also includes aged statements, bad debt management, batch payment handling, flexible invoice printing, recurring receivables, user definable terms,  credit limits, robust reporting, and more.

The best part is that ManageMore centralizes all of your customer's accounts receivable information into one powerful Customer Care view screen, for instant access to all historical documents.


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