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Today, it is hard to imagine entering a retail store and not seeing the extensive use of bar code technology on the tags, bags, cartons and boxes of merchandise.

If you want your business to operate smoothly and with little or no errors at customer checkout time, then bar coding is a necessity for your business.... and so is ManageMore's Barcode Pro™.

What exactly is a bar code and what are its benefits?
A bar code is basically a graphical representation for a series of numbers or letters. Using a special scanning device designed to interpret this graphical image (a.k.a. bar code scanner), one can simply scan a bar code and its numeric/alphanumeric value is sent to the instrument (usually a computer) requesting the information.  The bar code acts as a unique code to represent a labeled product, document, Id card, badge, etc.

Eliminate costly data entry errors through accurate scanning.  With our Bar code software, you will dramatically lower your chances of data entry errors.  Bar coded labels can be generated for a variety of applications (including inventory items and Id cards) so that typing of critical information is eliminated.

Improve efficiency during the point-of-sale. Bar code labeled items are much quicker to enter on an invoice and make the sales process go much smoother.  If you have ever purchased groceries, you know what we mean by fast.

Speed up mail delivery to your customers.  Whether you are printing mailing labels or running customer statements, our barcode software will utilize the U.S. Post Office's Postnet barcode to print above the customer mailing address.  This helps the USPS deliver mail twice as fast to the customer, which in turn will give you twice as fast of a mailing response.

Enter customer mailed payments in record time.  Leveraging this high performance technology, Barcode Pro will print specially coded bar codes on customer statements which dramatically improves data entry efforts when receiving hundreds of mailed-in payments at a time.  Payments can be processed without ever typing a key; by only utilizing the customer barcode remitted portion of their statement.  With this clever technique, one can expect batch payment processing to be reduced by as much as ten times what you are currently experiencing.  Data entry personnel only need to key-in the small fraction of payments missing the remittance stub or not being paid in full (typically less than 10% of the mail). 


Bar Code Software Solutions, an absolute essential for POS businesses!

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