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Cellular Audit Pro™

Cellular Audit Pro is now included with the Cellular Manager™ module and is designed to make the commission reconciliation process less time consuming and more automated for the cellular dealer.  Cellular Audit Pro accomplishes this by eliminating manual keying-in of data received from the Cellular Service Provider for reconciliation purposes.  In fact, no other commercially sold product  can take you from receiving your commission check to reporting your discrepancies, faster than ManageMore's Cellular Audit Pro.

Reconciling a Service Provider's commissions/charge backs versus your own pending contracts can be done within a minute of reading a file..   This is a  true convenience for those cellular dealers activating  hundreds or thousands of phones monthly.

This feature works by intelligently analyzing the electronic file (i.e. often an MS Excel spreadsheet) sent along with your Service Provider's monthly commission check.  Our unique reconciliation process uses a variety of methods (i.e. Phone Number, IMEI, ESN, SIM, Name, etc.) to match itself to already pending commissions that are awaiting payment in your ManageMore database.  The Audit Pro's unique design will work for any Service Provider's file layout and even handles chargeback tracking as well.

STOP wasting countless hours of manual commission tracking reports used by many competing software solutions...  START getting paid faster and more accurately today with ManageMore™.

 Cellular Audit Pro Features
Dramatically reduce data entry effort during commission reconciliation phase  screen shot
Eliminate entry errors through electronic automation process
Flexible file setup is customizable by the end-user for each Service Provider that supports this feature
Handles both commission and charge backs in a single step
Unique technology uses several identifiers for accurately matching your cellular contract information against the Service Providers commission/charge backs
Reports all commission/charge back exceptions that do not match any cellular contract on file instantly

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