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Cellular Prepaid Card Trackerô

The Cellular Prepaid Card Trackerô is now included with the Cellular Manager software and is designed to deliver a unique money saving method for managing prepaid cards.  It also has the side benefit of lowering the risk of potential theft of prepaid cards.  It is specifically designed for multi-location/multi-branch companies that are connected to a central server and companies that are in the business of selling cellular prepaid phone cards to its customers.  With the Cellular Prepaid Card Trackerô, a dealer can look forward to lowering their overall inventory costs associated with purchasing prepaid phone cards for multiple branches.

What exactly is the Problem? Cellular prepaid phone cards come in a variety of denominations (e.g., $5, $25, $50, and $100).  Dealers have to purchase an assortment of these phone cards at different denominations in order to satisfy their customer's needs.  A dealer with multiple store locations can easily spend thousands of dollars to stock all store locations with a mixture of these phone cards, even if some locations sell less than others.  Because these phone cards are small items, they also pose a great security issue for a retail store and have to be handled in a special manner (e.g., locked in safe, behind the counter, inside glass display, etc.).

Solution: With our unique Cellular Prepaid Card Trackerô module, a dealer merely pools financial resources by building a centralized database of all the secret PIN numbers found on the varying prepaid phone cards.  This dramatically cuts down the amount of inventory needed for these cards because a dealer only needs to purchase an average amount to satisfy all locations and can easily replenish low stock from one central place.

When an employee from any location wants to sell a prepaid phone card to a customer, he/she only need to do a simple point of sale invoice transaction.  The secret PIN number will automatically appear on the printed receipt along with any instructions you choose to display with the PIN number.  There are no security issues because there are no physical phone cards at any locations to handle.  All prepaid phone cards would have been handled by personnel at the main location and destroyed once PIN numbers have been transferred to the database.


 Cellular Prepaid Card Tracker Features
Build centralized database of secret PIN numbers from varying phone card denominations screen shot
Pool financial resources by only requiring purchases of phone cards based on an average consumption by all store locations
Eliminates theft of prepaid phone cards because no physical merchandise is ever transferred or delivered to any of the store branches
Conveniently sell any denomination phone card by simply creating an invoice
Keep audit trail of all prepaid phone card and PIN numbers sold
PIN numbers are issued to customer in a First-In First-Out order so that unsold prepaid cards do not become outdated and go beyond their activation period
Import Feature eliminates need of entering PIN numbers manually into database and guarantees accurate information being issued to customer
Reports included for tracking prepaid card activity

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