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Over the years, the collection industry has developed many techniques for successful recovery of delinquent debt.  ManageMore has made it simple to harness the most effective collection strategies and provide the best practices of a debt collections company.  Increase your payment collections ratio and reduce the expense involved in debt recovery efforts -- all without outsourcing your delinquent accounts until you are certain that the only remedy left is to report the outstanding debt to a credit bureau.

We make it easy to access all customer information from a single window. 
Using ManageMore's Customer Care window, you will be able to access virtually every piece of information about the customer.  Our collections software allows you to Instantly view or create contact notes for the customer on screen as well as assign follow-up actions for yourself or others to complete at a later time.

Effectively target overdue customers.  With ManageMore's collection software process, you will be able to build queries that can be used to target and view customers that meet a certain user defined criteria.  Any customers who have made a payment will be removed from the selection process automatically and new customers with newly overdue payments will be added to the query you execute.

Easily create and send dunning letters to overdue customers.  ManageMore's Collections software features will streamline the printing of collections letters to customers.  You can send a letter to every customer in your query with the push of a button.  In one pass, ManageMore will automatically apply the appropriate message template for customers who are receiving their first, second or final notice about their delinquent account status.

Collections Software is an asset to every business!

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