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Through the use of data centralization and a one-screen Customer Care viewing area, one can quickly retrieve all customer invoice histories, payment histories, quotes, sales orders, sales volume activity, inquiries, services, emails, and conversations that have taken place over the course of time.  
Customer Care allows interactive control of customer information for adding new services/charges to account, creating/voiding invoices, taking payments, editing customer address information,  assigning tasks, adding notes or conversations that took place, sending emails and more 
Auto-Alert Messages can be setup to appear each time you retrieve a customer's record
Allows multi-tasking of Customer Care which permits you to set up multiple views so you can easily switch between different customer information in situations where you must handle multiple service phone calls  screen shot
Eliminates the need for data duplication or the use of multiple third-party contact management software
Easily retrieve the last 25 customers examined while using the Customer Care system  screen shot
Customer Care provides bill presentment capabilities for easy viewing or re-printing of prior customer statements on-the-fly  screen shot screen shot
Full Integration with Intellifile's document management system which allows for viewing of scanned documents online (i.e. signed customer contracts, client proof sets, correspondence, etc.)
Quickly lookup customers by various searching methods (Account No., Company Name, Customer Name, Email, Home Phone, Work Phone, and more)
Unique "Sounds Like" name search lookup can find customers even if spelling is inaccurate.  Difficult Last Name spellings like Pfung, Knowles, Wheaton, Ceaser can actually be found by spelling phonetically as in Fung, Nolz, Weetun, and Seezer
Instant Visual Map can be displayed of customer address's location for assisting field service related companies (i.e., deliveries, service calls, personal appointments, etc.) *
Instant on-screen customer aging for past due invoices from 1-30 days late, 31-60 days late, 61-90 days late, and over 90 days late
Customizable Statistics allows you to choose the most important elements you want viewed about your client within the Customer Care viewing area (e.g. Aging Balance, Social Security, Driver License, Invoice Terms, Credit Limit, Salesperson, Tax Id, etc.)
Instantly identify customers who have email and send resolutions in a more efficient and expedient manner with our built-in SMTP email client
Easily send a variety of documents (invoice, quote, sales order, etc.) to customer via email
Allows creation of email campaigns, enewsletters, eproduct alerts, etc. based on customer criteria, pre-generated customer lists, or from an external email list
Allows Customer specific pricing to help personalize your customers' buying experience
Assign tasks for yourself or to other employees for customer call backs, to do's, appointments, reminders, etc.  screen shot
Mailing Labels can be generated for marketing purposes based on many criteria
Unique capability of creating a shared email account that an entire department can review and respond to (e.g., useful for certain company emails like ).
Create personalized folders for organizing and prioritizing your emails
Easily forward email or set rules to route email to another SMTP account when you are not available
Quickly respond to email with user-defined templates and signatures screen shot

* Internet connection required for this feature

Note: Some CRM software features listed above require the separate purchase of Email Pro™ and Task Complete™ add-on modules.

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