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ManageMore business software solutions for customer relationship management (CRM) can help you increase customer satisfaction, improve efficiency, create sales opportunities and increase revenue. Our CRM solutions provide automation of many day-to-day tasks for sales, customer service, call center and marketing professionals. Several integrated modules work together to form a fully-functional CRM system designed to maximize profitability, and increase customer satisfaction.

Gain your customers trust and they're yours forever.  When considering a CRM software solution, one must get past all the hype and truly understand the key benefits of CRM.  Customer loyalty does not stem from clever strategies to collect every conceivable piece of data from customers and then cross-sell them something they don't want.

In fact, the very concept of customer relationship management is misguided. Companies shouldn't try to manage loyal customers; Long-standing relationships arise from trust gained over many transactions, and they are sustained by customers' belief that the company wishes to keep them around rather than drive them away.

Lets face it. To establish long-term profitable relationships with your customers you need to give them the personalized service they deserve. Your customers don't expect consistent service and support — they demand it.

Gathering all information through customer interaction is crucial for CRM.  ManageMore's CRM software capabilities focus on the most important elements that create true customer loyalty.  Our straightforward approach to CRM makes it simple to understand and embrace quickly.  Through the use of data centralization, we have created a one-screen customer-centric architecture (a.k.a. Customer Care) which provides and manages customer information across the entire enterprise.  ManageMore's Customer Care makes it quick and easy to obtain all customer invoice histories, payment histories, sales volume activity, inquiries, services, emails, and conversations that have taken place over the course of time.

Your clients will immediately get the feeling they are dealing with an organized and professional customer service department,  as well as other departments within your establishment.  All personnel will be on the same page with the customer's concerns or inquiries-- and that is real important for customer retention.

For example, a sales rep can benefit from CRM software by accessing a customer’s sales history, prior conversations, special needs, and complaints logged in real-time, without ever having formerly spoken to the customer. This can help the sales rep to trim the time spent listening to customer complaints, help finalize a sale, or perhaps offer other services to the customer.   By immediately recognizing who your valuable customers are,  a sales rep will know whether a disgruntled customer is someone of extreme importance to the company or someone who constantly brings unwarranted complaints.  With CRM technology, one hopes to provide better service, sell more goods or services, and form a tighter bond with the customer.

The success of CRM will depend largely on ebusiness relations.  ManageMore has placed much emphasis on CRM and how the internet can help promote sales and alleviate problems at the same time. ManageMore's CRM software is designed to ease customer service down a level: from phone to email and from email to web page FAQ's.  By making it easy to send and receive email messages from customers, you can ultimately keep down calls to a customer service call center. 

Products like our Email Pro™ can also help in the CRM experience.  By offering the ability to run email campaigns, enewsletters, product alerts, etc. directly to your loyal customers, one can see an increase in sales and customer retention.

Other products like our Task Complete™ module also contribute in our objective of CRM loyalty.  By assigning tasks to employees for customer call backs, to do's, and customer complaint resolutions, one can rest assured that a busy work day is not to blame for forgetting the needs of your most important customers.

Forget all the hype... Customer contact is what it's all about.  Intellisoft wants to ensure you that our CRM software solutions don't lose sight of the fundamental power in customer contact.  CRM software must be used to help each customer feel special, and ManageMore™ can accomplish this whether you have 100 customers or 100,000 customers.  Always remember, every time a customer talks to you they want to feel like they're your only customer.


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