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eBusiness Software Solutions Review

The internet is quickly changing the way customers  and businesses interact with each other.   In this new eBusiness era,  customers are beginning to expect more conveniences from the companies they do business with.  While at the same time, many enterprises are looking for ways to reduce overhead  and streamline customer interactions.

With ManageMore’s eConnect Cart™ and eConnect CRM™ Interface, you bridge the gap between your ManageMore Business Software and your customers.  Using the internet as your portal, your customers can interact in real-time with their own  account and/or the products and services that you sell to them.


  • Improves customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty
  • Enhances office productivity while lowering service costs
  • Improves response time and response accuracy
  • Works with your customer's existing web browser
  • Provides a bridge between your database and your customers


eConnect Cart™

Our eConnect Cart™ solution is the most economical and most powerful solution you will find for managing your own shopping cart system on the web.  Intellisoft has designed a technology that easily allows you to integrate any PHP/ASP web-based shopping cart with ManageMore™ in real-time.  Plug-ins to popular free shopping carts like OsCommerce or Zen Cart are already included to get you up and running as quickly as possible. eConnect Cart also includes a completely ready-to-go shopping cart from Comersus that is ready to work with ManageMore right-out-of-the-box. The best part of this is that you do not have to pay any monthly fees, be constrained to a specific size inventory, or be forced to use a specific web design.

With respect to real-time integration , your online sales instantly become sales orders or sales invoices within your back-end ManageMore system.  This means that your inventory is kept up to date and you are able to easily keep the inventory and sales synchronized with your ManageMore system.  Basically, you have total flexibility to create or use the shopping cart that best fits your company needs while benefiting from a complete real-time integration to the ManageMore accounting system.

To learn more about the eConnect Cart™, please click here.


eConnect CRM™

Our eConnect CRM™ is all about customer service.  Customers are wanting more conveniences from the businesses they work with.  With eConnect CRM™, you can supply your clients with a unified online customer history, so you can deliver seamless service and first-contact resolution to customers. From a user-friendly, web-based interface, your customers gain a complete 360-degree view of customer data and allows for instant online payment resolution which facilitates efficient long-lasting loyal customer relationships.

Another added benefit  with eConnect CRM™ is its ability to be used for other custom applications.  eConnect CRM™  is provided as a flexible  open source scripting language that allows you to modify it to provide a true online customer service center that looks you spent a million dollars to produce. 


About the eConnect Technology

What makes our eConnect solutions Different? How does it work?

Probably the biggest advantage of both of our eConnect solutions is its architecture.  With eConnect Cart/CRM, your database and file server are never in harms way of an internet intrusion from hackers.  You can have either solution hosted entirely by your ISP and still have real-time data access to your remote ManageMore database.  eConnect's unique design is a godsend  for small businesses who don't have a permanent IT staff  to protect themselves from the constant threat of internet hackers and the periodic maintenance required when hosting your own web server.

eConnect was cleverly designed as a two-tiered design system for maximum benefit in security and ease-of-use.  First, the web portion of eConnect, provides you a set of unique and straightforward  computer commands that you can add to common web scripts stored on your web site... whether you host a  web site yourself or as a shared hosting account through an ISP.    These computer commands communicate via TCP/IP to the eConnect server program which resides wherever your ManageMore database is located.  The eConnect server program then responds back in real-time information with the requested information your web visitor was after (e.g. viewing customer account balance, making a payment,  purchasing an item online,  etc.).  

With eConnect, a company who already has a web site in place, can easily create their own custom eBusiness solution within less than a day.  There is no need to spend weeks understanding the inner workings of ManageMore or deal with the complex relationships of external accounting databases.   We have kept the small business in mind and have developed a truly unique and affordable system that acts just like the multi-million dollar online web systems found on most Fortune 500 company web sites.


eBusiness Software solutions that meet your real needs!

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