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Is billing an important part of how you do business with customers?
Looking for a quicker and cheaper way to receive customer payments?
If so, let ManageMore's EFT Pro™ enhance the manner in which you bill and collect for products and services.  Through innovative design, EFT Pro in  combination with credit card authorization software (i.e., Intellicharge, IC Verify, PC Charge) can leverage the way you receive money into your bank account.

Streamline your receivables the easy way.  EFT Pro is an Electronic Funds Transfer software which allows customers a simpler way to pay their outstanding debt with your company.  Customers can choose to have funds deducted directly from their checking account or credit card account.  This type of service benefits both the customer and your business because it makes the customer process of paying bills easier while providing  quick and efficient cash flow for your business.   The customer also eliminates the possibility of finance charges for not paying on time.  A true win-win situation for everyone involved.

Eliminate the need to send a bill.  With electronic funds transfer software, a business also takes advantage of lowering their expenses by eliminating the need to send a printed customer statement.  This can save some companies thousands of dollars annually in postage, printing, and reduced manual labor.  One can even utilize features found in ManageMore's Email Pro, which will batch email all customers with an electronic statement for their records.  In fact, a growing business trend is to start charging customers an additional printed statement fee if they do not choose to have payments made electronically.

With ebusiness on the rise, EFT Pro has never been more popular than now.  So modernize that old-fashioned method of customer bill payment.  Accelerate and streamline billing like never before.  Using EFT Pro, you'll be smiling every time you do customer billing.  This takes the hassle out of the chore.


Electronic Funds Transfer Software Features
Provides Electronic Funds Transfer capabilities during the Billing Process
Utilizes a variety of real-time payment processors including our ManageMore's Intellicharge interface which handles both credit card and electronic check payment
Allows marking of specific customers only which will be included as part of the EFT process
Provides detailed reports of all unsuccessful credit card authorizations and NSF checking accounts
Allows you to decide whether a printed statement will additionally be sent to the customer
Validates Checking/Savings Bank Routing Numbers using ACH rules

Say Goodbye to yesteryear payment collections,
Say Hello to Electronic Funds Transfer Software!

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