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The Internet offers all kinds of communication services, but by far, email is the most popular. More and more businesses are using electronic mail. It's fast, easy, and much cheaper than sending a letter or making a long distance phone call.  Email is quickly becoming the communication method of choice for marketing to prospects, collaborating with staff, and corresponding with customers, contacts and vendors.  With email traffic on the rise, it is critical to take control of your email before it takes control of you.

ManageMore's Email Pro™ is actually three distinct products in one convenient and powerful package.  More than just an advanced messaging system -- it's a powerful industrial-strength emanagement tool with features to increase productivity, improve sales efforts, and enhance your organization's ability to effectively communicate with customers, contacts, vendors and employees.

ManageMore's Email Pro™ sets new standards for business software by providing a robust email tool to resolve a variety of business issues.  Read on to find out why we believe Email Pro is the most unique product of its kind, and a "must have" for every company that wants to truly become an ebusiness.

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