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Q.01 Can Billing be generated while other workstations are logged into ManageMore?
A.01 Yes.
Q.02 How long does it normally take to generate and post the Billing process?
A.02 Extensive tests were done with databases containing 100,000 customers to be billed.  The average time taken was less than 15 minutes from beginning to completion.
Q.03 Can I setup customers to bill on different billing cycles?
A.03 Yes.  You can create different billing periods and assign customers to the billing group they are closest to.   
Q.04 Can I setup customers to bill on different billing frequencies?
A.04 Yes.  Billing frequencies can be any combination of days, weeks or months.  You can basically create any combination of billing periods desired.  Some examples might be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, every 28 days, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual billing periods.  There is no limit to the number of billing periods and billing ranges you can come up with.
Q.05 Can I reference a Bill with a P.O. Number for some of my larger accounts?
A.05 Yes.

Q.06 Can I group break a Customer Bill by departments (i.e. departmental billing)?
A.06 Yes. Large businesses and state/government run entities (e.g. hospitals, banks, military, etc.) usually demand a bill to be grouped by department for their accounting division to properly expense out the correct departments.  ManageMore allows for sub-account creation within a customer account, to identify invoices and recurring charges to a particular department, group, or entity within a larger business.

Q.07 Can I make changes to a Bill after it has already been generated?
A.07 Yes and No.  Once a billing period has posted, the actual customer statement itself will have already been created for distribution.  However, we do allow some of the statement fields to be edited like the Customer Address, Previous Balance, Payments Applied, Taxes and new Balance Due.  You can always adjust the actual customer's account balance at any time using normal invoice processes.

Q.08 Can I create my own statement form for use with ManageMore?
A.08 No. We do not currently provide an end-user form designer tool.  However, ManageMore provides over a half dozen professional statement formats that would be difficult to produce with most form design generating applications.  ManageMore also provides you the ability  to integrate your own company logo, watermark, and custom messages on plain paper, for a professional looking form that looks like it was designed by a printing press.  There is even built-in support for the hassle-free PS Mailer printed formats.

Q.09  I have my own Pitney Bowes Mail System device, can ManageMore Bills support it?
A.09 Yes. ManageMore supports Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) on most of the statement forms it prints.  This will allow any Mail Sorting and Folding equipment to properly determine where a customer bill starts and stops.  OMR Level 0 and Level 1 are supported with user definable Divert to Deck capabilities as well.

Q.10 Is there a provided statement form that does not require pre-printed envelopes?
A.10 Yes. One of ManageMore's statement forms will work entirely with window envelopes.  You can use a #9 outgoing window envelope and a #10 return window envelope.  This money saving format eliminates the need for purchasing pre-printed envelopes with your company name on them.  This is also very cost-effective for companies that move periodically or for companies that want to change where their payments are received from time to time.

Q.11 Is there a provided statement form that alleviates the folding/stuffing mail process?
A.11 Yes.  Intellisoft now supports the advanced pressure seal forms which quickly alleviates the hassle of folding, stuffing, and stamping envelopes on larger billing runs.  ManageMore supports 8.5"x11" and 8.5"x14" Z-fold formats for the PS Mailer.  Call Sales for more details.

Q.12 Is there anything that can make it easier to enter mailed payments received from Billing?
A.12 ManageMore provides a unique option for printing barcodes on the customer statement.  This barcode makes it quicker to process payments as they are received by your accounting department.  You will be able to enter hundreds of payments at nearly five times the current speed you are currently achieving by manual data entry. (This feature requires the Barcode Pro add-on module)

Q.13 I use an outside mailing service that prints my bills, does ManageMore support this?
A.13 With the use of the optional File Export module, ManageMore can export all bills to a universal ASCII file format that can be read by most invoice fulfillment mailing centers. 

Q.14 Can I easily tell ManageMore how I want bills distributed for different customers?
A.14 Yes. ManageMore allows you to identify, on a per customer basis, which method of distributing statements you prefer.  As you create a customer account, you can choose whether to Email, Print, Export, or suppress printing bills altogether.

Q.15 Can I create an unlimited number of recurring items on a per customer basis?
A.15 Yes. ManageMore allows you to use as many recurring items as you need to bill for each customer.

Q.16 Can I setup special billing promotions that start the customer billing process at a certain period in the future and/or end at a certain period?
A.16 Yes. ManageMore allows recurring service to start and end on any billing period interval you have setup for the customer.

Q.17 Can I bill on a 28 day billing cycle?
A.17 Yes.  ManageMore's flexible billing design allows for this type of billing scenario.  With 28 day billing cycles, you will provide your company extra revenue by squeezing one extra billing period a year without most customers even being aware of it.



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