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Q.01 Can ManageMore reconcile my cellular commissions?
A.01 Absolutely.  This is one of the most features of ManageMore's Cellular Manager.  By entering the commission information provided by your Cellular carrier, ManageMore will automatically compare this data to your pending cellular contracts and provide a discrepancy report with all commission related conflicts.  With our Cellular Audit Pro module, we can even electronically import commissions from a cellular carriers disk file to automate the entire process and reconcile in a matter of seconds.

Q.02 How does ManageMore handle charge backs?
A.02 In the same manner it handles the tracking of commissions.  When a charge back occurs, you have the option of telling ManageMore to automatically inactivate the cellular contract or leave it alone so that it is treated like pending commission once again.  Although the possibility is remote, the cellular carrier can continue paying you the commission owed and then charging back commission on the same cellular contract as often as it occurs.

Q.03 How does ManageMore handle sub-dealer commissions?
A.03 When a cellular contract is entered, a sub-dealer field is present for associating an outside sales representative to the contract as well as a commission amount owed to him once payment is received from the cellular carrier.  During the monthly reconciliation phase of cellular commissions, ManageMore will automatically handle the tracking of commissions due to the sub-dealer as well as any charge backs that may have come in.

Q.04 Can ManageMore handle commissions on phone spiffs?
A.04 Yes.  Product Incentives can also be tracked during the reconciliation of commissions.

Q.05 Can ManageMore deal with Tiered Volume commissions?
A.05 ManageMore allows for a process that will automatically determine whether you qualify for a monthly volume commission and add this amount to your pending commissions.

Q.06 Can ManageMore track rebates from my Cellular providers?
A.06 Yes. Rebates are treated exactly like commissions, as they are merely a different form of monies owed for activating a cellular phone.  However, rebate amounts are stored in a separate field and can be tracked and reported differently from other commissions.

Q.07 Can ManageMore track my salesperson commissions?
A.07 Currently, ManageMore offers salesperson tracking at the invoice level only.  Some cellular dealers have come up with scenarios where they pay salespersons exactly like sub-dealers.  In these cases, we recommend setting up the salesperson as if they were a sub-dealer within ManageMore.

Q.08 Do I have to enter the ESN/IMEI Phone info into Cellular Inventory first before adding a cellular contract?
A.08 No. You have the option of entering cellular contracts directly into ManageMore without entering the stock phones into inventory.  Cellular inventory is best used for larger dealers who move big quantities of phones to other locations or sub-dealers, and require some form of tracking the activity of such phones.  However, cellular inventory has nothing to do with commission tracking and is not required for use of the Cellular Manager.

Q.09 Is there a way to quickly sell dozens of phones to a sub-dealer?
A.09 Of course.  With the Master Dealer Pro add-on module, you can transfer inventory to a location or dealer as quickly as you can barcode scan the merchandise.  ManageMore can take an entire batch of phones and quickly generate a sales invoice on-the-fly.

Q.10 Can I invoice multiple cellular phone activations at one time?
A.10 Yes.  When entering a cellular contract into ManageMore, an invoice option exists in the upper right portion of the window.  This option allows you to either A) Not perform an Invoice, B) Perform an invoice with the data provided in the contract, or C) Remember the contract information for a final pending invoice when all phone activations are entered for the customer.

Option C) "Pending Invoice", will let you group all phone activations into one auto-generated invoice by ManageMore.  This saves several minutes at the point-of-sale, and reduces data entry errors dramatically.

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