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Q.01 I am renting/financing the ManageMore program.  Where can I obtain my monthly passcode?
A.01 Newer releases of ManageMore have eliminated the need to rely on a passcode.  ManageMore automatically checks via the internet and will grant continued access to the program as long as your account is in good standing.  If a screen appears asking for a passcode, you will need to contact customer service.
Q.02  Why am I not able to get my monthly passcode via the Internet?
A.02 Customers who rent/finance software from Intellisoft are required to make payments on a timely basis. Our automated Internet Server works in real-time and knows if payment has been made up to that same day.  Please visit our online customer service center to check your account status and make any necessary online payments.

Q.03 When I attempt to do a software update via the Internet, I get an error message that states "Software upgrade period expired... ".  Why is this?
A.03  Your software license agreement provided with the program explains that a limited period of time is provided for you to download software updates via the internet.  The message you have received is regarding your expiration of these software updates.   Please contact customer service regarding our annual subscription plans that extend your software update period and telephone technical assistance.

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