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Q.01 What is eCommerce? Web Store?
A.01 eCommerce is the process of selling and buying goods and services on the Internet.  It can be used as extension of your business sales or you can exclusively operate your business sales through the Web.  A Web Store is the name given to the actual Web Site that displays your products and does all of the shopping cart related activities (taking orders, calculating taxes, charging credit cards, etc.)

Q.02 Is a Web Server required for ManageMore's  eCommerce solutions?
A.02 No. In fact, ManageMore's eConnect™ product was specifically designed to work on a stand-alone web server that can be hosted by a third-party  ISP.  The major advantage of this is that there is no additional hardware/software to purchase, no security concerns to worry about, no high-speed data connections required, and no maintenance and upkeep involved.

Q.03 Do I have to use different Inventory Items for products sold in the Web Store?
A.03 No. ManageMore inventory is the same whether items are sold on the Web or at the point of sale.  The only difference is a setting that tells ManageMore a particular inventory item is to be part of the Web Store catalog.  You can even use different prices for an item that is sold on the Web versus a normal in-store sale.

Q.04 Do I need a high speed data connection to my Web Store?
A.04 Not if you host the eConnect Cart product  on an ISP's server instead of your own.

Q.05 Do I need a Web Developer to help create my Web Store?
A.05 Depends.  The shopping cart software that is included with eConnect Cart already has a simple wizard process that will help customize the Web Store for you.  However, if you want the appearance of your Web Store to feel like an extension of the web pages from your corporate  Web Site, you may need someone versed in HTML. 

Q.06 How do I get images to appear for the products I plan on selling at my Web Store?
A.06 ManageMore allows you to associate two different size graphic images per inventory item.  A small thumbnail size image and a regular size graphic image.  Sometimes, the manufacturer or vendor can provide you these graphic images.  More commonly, you will have to have the pictures taken by a professional photographer and converted to hi-res graphic images.  You may also want to consider purchasing a good digital camera that automatically produces your graphic pictures.

A few things to consider:

  1. Always store your graphic images as JPG or GIF file format.  Both of these formats render decent quality without the large file size overhead.
  2. Purchase a graphics package to help you scale the images to the size you need and possibly to do touch-up work on the image itself. 
  3. Store all your images in one central area of your hard drive for easier access.  Consider naming your thumbnail versions of the image by adding a "t_" or "thumb" at the beginning of the filename to quickly identify the differences in images.


Q.07 Is there a limit to the number of web orders one can receive using the eConnect Cart?
A.07 No. The eCommerce Manager can easily handle thousands of web orders a day.

Q.08 How are the credit card web orders authorized ?
A.08 You have two choices.  You can either process the credit card while the customer is in the shopping cart system or wait to process the credit card after you process the order on the backend within ManageMore.

If you are periodically running out of stock, you may want to consider the later option. 


Q.09 How do I update my Web Store with new products and discontinue sales of other products?
A.09 The most exciting part of the eConnect Cart is its ability to handle almost everything at the back-end office.  Without going online to the internet,  one can simply tag or untag inventory items in ManageMore that are to be sold/discontinued from your Web Store.  You can also change pricing, taxes, graphic images used,  and the accompanying sales information for the product.

Whenever you are ready to update your Web Store, there are options within the shopping cart software itself to synchronize its database with the inventory within ManageMore.

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