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  Q & A     
Q.01 Does ManageMore allow direct importing of information from other financial programs and/or database applications?
A.01  Absolutely.  Currently, ManageMore supports the importing of prospects, customer accounts, vendor accounts, inventory items, and invoice transactions.

For QuickBooks™ users, a special built-in database conversion tool is available for migrating Quickbooks data directly into ManageMore.  Please call technical support on this feature.

Q.02 What file format must the imported data be in?
A.02 Intellisoft supports almost any text file variation available. This includes ASCII CSV, Tab Delimited, Fixed Length, or any other field character delimiter.  Invoice transaction importing is a bit different than other data importing and will require an ASCII tab delimited format.
If your existing financial software or database application can export to a spreadsheet or text file, then you should have no problems creating the file format necessary to import data into ManageMore.

Q.03 How does the import process work?
A.03 With all imported data (except transactions), you will be presented with a wizard driven process that guides you through the steps of locating your file, determining the file layout, and mapping the imported fields to those defined in ManageMore.  This layout can then be saved for future importing from the same financial program or database application.

Q.04 What is the best file format to use for importing?
A.04 We prefer that data be saved in a ASCII tab delimited format because it eliminates the possibility that the delimited character is contained within the data you are submitting. 

Q.05 Where is the import process found in ManageMore?
A.05 See File... Import Database... and then select the appropriate menu item (i.e. prospects, customers, inventory, etc.) for the data you are importing.

Q.06 How are invoice transactions imported into ManageMore?
A.06   Importing invoices require a few more steps and restrictions compared to other imported data.  This is because invoice transactions have several complexities that must be considered before importing directly into ManageMore.  These issues are:
A.  Are the invoices being imported considered past sales that are "paid in full?"  This type of paid invoice is relatively simple to import as the transaction is mostly used for historical sales data only.
B. Are the invoices being imported considered A/R transactions which contain balances?  This type of invoice requires that a specific customer account be associated so that ManageMore can properly adjust balances and aging information to the correct customer.  Customer accounts must already be present in order for this type of transaction to import correctly.
C. Do the invoices being imported contain one service/product item reference or will there be multiple item codes that make-up the composition of the sales invoice?  ManageMore can support the importing of either a 1:1 Invoice to Item transaction or more complex 1:Many  parent-child relations.

Due to the different complexities involved with this import process, ManageMore uses a special layout we call the ManageMore Interchange Format (MIF).  For a detailed explanation on how to import transactions, please click here.


Q.07 What do I do if I can't export critical data from my existing financial/database application?
A.07   Intellisoft does offer data conversion services that can extract information from a variety of competing applications.  Please speak a sales representative regarding this issue.

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