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Q.01 I purchased ManageMore over the web, but my program is still behaving like a Demo.  What do I do next?
A.01 You must register the ManageMore program  in order for the software license to become activated.  An activation code should have been emailed to you for purposes of registering your software.  From the ManageMore program, please go to File... Register Program... and follow the steps provided on screen to activate your license.
Q.02 I've misplaced or am unsure of where my software activation code is for registering ManageMore.  Where can I obtain my activation code?
A.02 Upon purchasing ManageMore, you should have received an email containing an activation code for registering your software license.  If you did not receive this email or have lost the email, please click here to have your activation code emailed to you again.
Q.03 Using the network version of ManageMore, should I install it on each workstation?
A.03 Although ManageMore does support the ability to install itself on each workstation and point to a centralized database on the server, we do not recommend it.  It is much easier to install ManageMore on your computer server and have all other workstations use a simple shortcut icon that references the main application "mm.exe" on the server.

If you insist on localized software installation, please contact technical support for step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this.

Q.04 Is there anything special that should be done to the workstation/server for ManageMore to work properly?
A.04 Most of the configuration is automatic in ManageMore.  Only the computer server requires some initial setup.   Please check out our networking considerations page.

Q.05 Is there a checklist that we can go through to make sure that we have setup everything in ManageMore correctly before starting to enter data?
A.05 Yes. After going through the interview process for creating the new company profile in ManageMore, you will be provided an interactive checklist that can take you directly to each section of the program that needs further setup considerations.  Once you check off all items in the list, ManageMore will remove the checklist from the system.

Q.06 How much RAM is needed on my computer to run ManageMore?
A.06 The amount of RAM needed on your computer depends on the OS you are using.  ManageMore itself will work comfortably with only 48 Megs of RAM.  However, we recommend workstations to have at least 128 Megs of RAM.

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