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Q.01 Can I Email Statements to my customers?
A.01 Yes.  This capability is part of the ManageMore program.

Q.02 Can I Email Invoices, Quotes, Purchase Orders or Reports?
A.02  Certainly.  However, you will need to purchase our Email Pro add-on for this capability.

Q.03 Does ManageMore utilize  or require MS Outlook Express for Emailing?
A.03 No. We do not rely on MAPI or other MS libraries for emailing.  ManageMore uses its own email engine for an integrated and seamless look in the program.

Q.04 Is there anything special that must be installed for Email and Internet support?
A.04 Yes.  We require MS Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater on each workstation,  for most of our email and internet features to work properly.  A version of the latest MS Internet Explorer can be found on the ManageMore CD.

Q.05 Does ManageMore's Email Pro support file attachments?
A.05 Yes.

Q.06 Does ManageMore require modems and phone lines on each computer workstation on the network for emailing or receiving Internet based software updates?
A.06 Absolutely Not.  We strongly recommend you have a computer consultant or Administrator setup a single data circuit (i.e. phone line, ISDN, DSL, Frame Relay, etc.) on your server for sharing internet and email capabilities throughout your computer network.

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