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Q.01 Is there a limit to the amount of items that can be placed in my inventory?
A.01 Using our standard ISAM database format, one can create approximately 2,000,000 inventory items for all locations.  Our Client-Server edition can allow up to 100,000,000 items.

Q.02 Can ManageMore's Inventory keep track of multiple vendors for the same item?
A.02 Absolutely.  Each inventory item can be associated with up to three different vendors and their associated EOQ, best cost, last cost, minimum order, etc.

Q.03 I need to change the quantity on hand for a certain item, but ManageMore seems to have this field disabled in inventory.  How can I adjust my Inventory count?
A.03 For security reasons, ManageMore does not allow you to change quantity on hand after you have already starting selling the item.  One can easily raise or lower item quantities by performing an inventory adjustment transaction.  This adjustment document is kept in history for auditing purposes and is the proper way of dealing with inventory loss.

Q.04 Does ManageMore support serialized inventory capabilities?
A.04 Yes.  ManageMore uses correct practices for receiving, selling, transferring and adjusting inventory items that are tracked by their serial number.  This feature requires the Inventory Serial Number Manager add-on module.

Q.05 Can ManageMore automatically import new inventory items from vendor sources?
A.05 Yes. ManageMore has an import feature that can be used to easily create new inventory items from your distributors, manufacturers, dealers, etc. 

Q.06 Can ManageMore's inventory also be used for internal company purposes?
A.06  ManageMore's Supertrack inventory allows the unique ability to inventory your own internal materials (e.g. pens, staples, toiletries, paper, kitchen supplies, etc.) for easy re-ordering of supplies.

Q.07 Can I easily tell how an inventory item has been selling over a period of time, so that I can better forecast future orders?
A.07 Of course.  All items keep a running M-T-D, Q-T-D, and Y-T-D statistics for as far back as that item existed in your inventory.  Simply edit an item from inventory, and all the statistics will be there for you to make sound judgment on future orders.

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