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Q.01 How long has Intellisoft been in business?
A.01  Intellisoft, Inc. has been providing software solutions for over 13 years.

Q.02 How many companies have purchased Intellisoft products?
A.02 Intellisoft has sold or rented over 10,000 programs worldwide since its inception.

Q.03 How much does ManageMore cost?
A.03 ManageMore is not one program, but a collection or suite of programs for a variety of businesses.  Intellisoft products typically range from $1,000 to $10,000, depending on the number of workstation licenses, database technology and modules needed by the customer.  Intellisoft also offers a unique rental program which provides the ManageMore product and certain software modules for around $59 to $149 a month on average.

Q.04 Can I try ManageMore before I buy?
A.04 For a nominal fee, Intellisoft does offers a full evaluation copy of the program for reviewing purposes.  Please click here for more info.
Q.05 Is there a limit to the number of customers, vendors, invoices,  inventory items, etc. that can be placed inside ManageMore?
A.05 File size limitations are truly a thing of the past.  ManageMore can easily store over 100,000,000 invoices, 1,000,000 customers, 1,000,000 inventory items, etc.

Q.06 Can I import/export information from ManageMore?
A.06 Yes.  Several methods are provided for bringing data into and out of ManageMore.

Q.07 How often do ManageMore software updates appear?
A.07 Intellisoft typically releases quarterly software updates with new features, improvements, and fixes to reported problems.

Q.08 How much technical support is provided with ManageMore?
A.08 Depending on the software package purchased, and certain promotion offerings, an initial technical support period of around six months is typically offered with ManageMore.  Certain rental agreements may also include technical support as part of the monthly service fee.  Please speak with your sales representative regarding the exact period of technical support that is offered with the product you are considering.

Q.09 Are there any training classes that I can attend to learn ManageMore? How much?
A.09 Certain product offerings include a free training session at our teaching facilities in Miami, Florida.  Customers can also request on-site training or additional training sessions for new employees.  Click here if you are interested in information about our training program.

Q.10 Can I get a refund if ManageMore does not satisfy my software needs?
A.10 Unconditionally. We stand strongly behind our 30 day money back policy... No questions asked.   If ManageMore is not for you... we understand.  Not every business operates in a similar manner to others in the same industry. So don't worry... you'll get no harassing calls from us. 

Q.11 If I start on a single-user software version, can I upgrade to a network version later?
A.11 Absolutely.  Our sales representatives will be glad to quote you on a network upgrade software license.

Q.12 I notice that Intellisoft offers software rental options? How does that work?
A.12  Certain ManageMore software editions and accompanying add-on modules have been setup to be offered as a rental arrangement.  This rental arrangement provides the identical capabilities and services as purchasing the software, except a few additional considerations to be aware of.
  1. Software rentals are a month-to-month agreement that can be cancelled at anytime.
  2. All rental arrangements include technical support and free software updates as part of the monthly service fee. 
  3. Rental software licenses will periodically communicate via the internet to our dedicated web servers in order to verify authenticity of the software license and ensure that your account is in good standing.
  4. Software rentals are not lease-to-own agreements and do not apply toward the purchase of ManageMore at a later time.  You will have the option to purchase ManageMore at the current selling price, whenever you so desire.
Q.13 I use another accounting program for my financials. Can ManageMore interface?
A.13 ManageMore can currently interface with QuickBooks« and PeachTree« General Ledger.  ManageMore also provides a simple file export of all journal entries for any given period, that can be read by any accounting package that has ASCII file import capabilities.

Q.14 Can I create my own custom reports with ManageMore?
A.14 Yes.  There are 3 methods currently offered by ManageMore.  Our File Export module will allow you to export data from any report in ManageMore so that you can do further calculations, sorts, group breaks, etc. on your data.   There is also a built-in Ad Hoc Reporting tool that easily allows you to query, build and save your own custom own reports inside ManageMore. We also offer an ODBC Driver Kit which gives you in-depth access to all data files from within ManageMore.  ODBC file access will give you the ability to use popular reporting tools like MS Access or Crystal Reports to do your own reporting.

Q.15 Does ManageMore support businesses with multiple locations?
A.15 Absolutely.  This is one of ManageMore's stronger points.  ManageMore was designed with full consideration of businesses with multiple branches, divisions or satellite locations.  Inventory, customers, documents, reports, etc. all contain a location reference for sorting, viewing, filtering and calculating information from on a specific location or based on the entire organization.

In fact, locations can represent different things to different businesses.  A location can be a retail store, warehouse, department, holding facility, or even a dealer.  There is no limit to the number of locations that you can create within ManageMore.

Q.16 Can ManageMore support businesses that have to deal with multiple taxes?
A.16 Most certainly.  ManageMore can actually support up to 8 different taxes on any given product or service.

Q.17 Can Intellisoft convert my existing database from another software product?
A.17 Yes.   There are three options available.

1. For Quickbooks users, a built-in database conversion tool will make the entire process effortless.
2.  ManageMore includes a set of import tools which  will allow you to bring in customer records, prospect records, vendor records, inventory records, and invoice records directly from other accounting systems that can export their database in ASCII format.
3. In some cases, you may need a more custom database conversion.   Intellisoft offers data conversion services from nearly every commercial business software in existence as well as lesser known custom-written applications.  Please contact our sales department for further information on this type of service.

Q.18 What is the process involved in converting my database to ManageMore?
A.18 Intellisoft offers two ways to get your existing data into the ManageMore program. 

Method 1:  If your existing program can export the critical database files (i.e. Customers, Vendors,  Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable) into an ASCII file, then ManageMore can import it quite easily.  The features are already built into the program for you to accomplish this yourself.  You should be able to test this functionality from the evaluation version of our product under the File Menu... Import Database menu option.

Method 2: If you are one of the unfortunate customers using a very specialized program that never designed any export functionality or whose database was not an open architecture, then there may be a bit of work involved.  In most cases, our development team will be able to extract your existing database from almost any application... custom or commercially sold.

The steps involved for converting data using Method 2 involves sending us a backup copy of your database for review.  Afterwards, we will send a converted database for you to install into ManageMore to evaluate the accuracy and content of the data.  The final conversion stage will involve repeating the steps just mentioned at a later time when you go live with ManageMore.

It is important to note that both methods mentioned do not involve themselves with historical data (i.e. payment histories, notes, past journal entries, etc.).  This is typically not an issue for most customers as this data can usually be retrieved from the older program when needed.

Q.19 What is the estimated time of implementation for ManageMore?
A.19 Depends.  We have many customers that have started using the product  the moment they took it out-of-the-box .  In other extreme cases, we have customers who have taken 3 to 6 months before fully implementing ManageMore.  The size of the computer network (i.e. 1 station, 5 station, 50 stations, etc.) is usually a good indicator as to the duration of time it will take to implement new business software. 

However, much of the implementation time will depend on how well you plan out the switch and whether data conversion will be involved in the process.  Under typical scenarios,  we estimate that most companies should be able to implement ManageMore in their workplace in under 30 days.

Q.20 Can ManageMore backup my database?
A.20 ManageMore does provide a simple and effective backup utility that will copy database files to any removable media drive located on your system.  However, we strongly recommend considering a more sophisticated backup solution that can perform nightly automated backups, verify media integrity, and allow for advanced disaster recovery capabilities if your hard drive were to suddenly fail.  Please refer to our requirements page where we recommend some advanced third party backup solutions.


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