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Q.01 Can ManageMore reconcile my Paging Carrier's Bill?
A.01 Yes.  The Paging Airtime Audit Pro product is specifically designed to ready nearly every paging carrier's electronic bill format and automatically compare it to the active pagers in the ManageMore database.  Discrepancies in billing will immediately be reported to you.

Q.02 Can a customer have multiple pagers with different billing frequencies?
A.02 Absolutely.  The billing frequency is determined by each individual pager and not the account.  This means that a customer can have a combination of monthly, quarterly and annually  billed pagers, and only receive one statement.

Q.03 Can I automatically tell ManageMore to page past due accounts?
A.03 Sure can.  Intellisoft pioneered the technology of  paging customers with an automated process that is part of our Auto Page™ product. 
Q.04 Does ManageMore automatically age phone numbers before re-assignment?
A.04 Our phone number inventory capabilities handles all aspects of issuing phone numbers, as well as aging phone numbers before assigning them again to a new customer. 

Q.05 How does ManageMore track capcodes?
A.05 ManageMore provides a built-in capcode inventory for tracking, auditing, and managing capcodes that are assigned to you by your paging carrier or that you assign to other resellers.  Capcode inventory also holds all detailed information about your stock pagers and activated pagers as well.

Q.06 How do I transfer a customer's pager from one account to another?
A.06 In the rare case that you need to move a pager record to another account, simply press <Ctrl-A> while inside the pager record and ManageMore will jump over to the account number field for customer modification.

Q.07 Can I invoice multiple pager activations at one time?
A.07 Although ManageMore provides a simple process of entering the pager activation information and automatically producing an invoice, it does not address the infrequent possibility of  a customer wishing to purchase a second or third pager.  The auto-generated pager invoice provided by ManageMore is a convenience and not a necessity for creating a sale.  You are always given the opportunity to make any adjustments to auto-generated invoice, if you so desire.

When dealing with a multiple pager sale to one customer, we recommend simply removing  the auto-invoice feature on all pager activation records except the last one.  Then proceed to the final pager invoice and make any necessary changes to the sales transaction to account for the multiple pager purchase.

Q.08 Can the program automatically prorate the pager activation?
A.08 Yes.  Prorate calculations can be setup automatically and will either affect the original sale invoice or the customer's next statement.

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