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  Q & A     
Q.01 What Point of Sale hardware devices does ManageMore support?
A.01 ManageMore supports nearly all POS devices including electronic cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, magnetic card readers, signature capture pads and pole displays.  Please refer to the requirements page for specific models and configurations needed.

Q.02 Can I use any Barcode Scanner with ManageMore?
A.02 ManageMore currently supports keyboard interface Barcode Scanners with true <Tab> suffix termination.  This is approximately 90% of all barcode scanners on the market.  Some older Barcode scanners that use <Ctrl-I> as a terminating Tab character will not work properly or may require some special programming in order for them to properly work in a Windows environment.  Please refer to the requirements page for specific models that have been tested and are compatible with ManageMore.
Q.03 Does ManageMore support Credit Card Authorization? AVS?
A.03 ManageMore offers integrated credit card authorization for a seamless point-of-sale transaction.  Using our Intellicharge interface, one can support credit card authorization at the point of sale and utilize all popular features like Address Verification System (AVS)  or CVV2.  Intellicharge even supports debit card processing as well.

Q.04 Does Intellisoft sell Point of Sale equipment?
A.04 Intellisoft occasionally has special offerings and bundled packages that include POS equipment, but we are not in the business of turnkey solutions.  In general, customers will save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by simply purchasing POS equipment directly from Computer Hardware vendors.  Our sales department will be more than happy to point you in the direction of several reputable POS dealers nationwide.

Q.05 Why does my 40 column Receipt Printer seems to print incorrectly?
A.05 ManageMore supports several invoice formats for a variety of printers.  You must be certain that you have chosen Form 2 for 40 column draft invoice receipt.

Q.06 My Barcode Scanner doesn't seem to work properly? Why?
A.06 Many Barcode Scanners require an initial configuration setup prior to using.  You must be certain that the Barcode Scanner supports the barcode symbology you are using and that the scanner uses an ASCII 09 <Tab> suffix termination.  Please refer to the documentation provided by your Barcode Scanner for further assistance.

ManageMore recommends and uses Full Extended Barcode 39 symbology with its Barcode Pro add-on module, but will support any barcode symbology that is already present on merchandise, as long as the Barcode Scanner can read it.

Q.07 My Electronic Cash Drawer doesn't seem to automatically open? Why?
A.07 Electronic cash drawers open based on a special ASCII character or sequence of characters sent along with a printed receipt.  ManageMore comes preset to send ASCII 07 to open a cash drawer because this is the most common factory default.  However, if your cash drawer requires more ASCII characters or a different ASCII character... please refer to ManageMore Setup POS... Cash Drawer.

Also, make sure to close your company and re-login to your company after making setting changes to the cash drawer.  ManageMore only observes the cash drawer settings after opening company.

Q.08 My magnetic card reader doesn't seem to properly read the credit card. Why?
A.08 Either your card reader settings are incorrect, you are swiping the credit card at the wrong place in ManageMore, or the credit card you are using is worn out or badly scratched.   You must also be certain that you are using a keyboard/USB interface Magnetic card reader.

Switch Settings for your Magnetic card reader should be as follows:
Track 1,2,3=ON
Start/End Sentinel Characters=ON
Carriage Return= OFF after each track except the last track
Speed Settings=80 CPS (although this value can vary slightly without problems)

Q.09 My Pole Display doesn't seem to be working properly. Why?
A.09 You must be certain that all serial port settings match that of the pole display.  COM port, baud rate, data bits, stop bits and parity are all critical settings for properly communicating via a serial connection.  USB pole displays still expect you to setup the COM port settings correctly as well.

Also, make sure to close your company and re-login to your company after making setting changes to the pole display.  ManageMore only observes the pole display settings after opening company.

Q.10 Why can't I get my Pole Display to work correctly over a remote computer session?
A.10 Most Pole displays operate via a serial connection to the computer.  Unfortunately, most remote communication programs (i.e. pcAnywhere, Citrix, MS Terminal Server, etc.) do not allow redirection of serial port devices.

Q.11 Can ManageMore track my salesperson's commissions for items sold?
A.11 Each item in inventory can be easily setup for commission purposes.  There are several sales incentive that you can choose from including commissions based on sales percentage, flat amount, gross profit, and a tier level commission structure for selling xx quantity of a product over a period of time.  Chargeback on commission is handled automatically as items on invoices are refunded to the customer.

Q.12 Can ManageMore support different item prices for different customers?
A.12 Yes.  There are several price structures that can be setup per item to give special customers a different price automatically.

Q.13 Can I tell ManageMore to not allow price changes during the point of sale?
A.13 ManageMore's POS design is extremely flexible.  Each item in inventory can be setup to allow or disallow the modification of its description, quantity or price.  You decide which items have rigid price structures and which ones can be changed on-the-fly.

Q.14 I have some products that I bundle together as a special priced item. Can ManageMore handle this type of sale?
A.14 Absolutely.  This is referred to as a kit configuration and is a special item that is comprised of other items in your inventory.  Selling this one kit item will automatically reduce inventory on all of its components.

Q.15 Can ManageMore handle rebates and coupon offerings at the point of sale?
A.15 Yes.  There are two different ways of handling this.  One can either create a special item code to represent coupons and classify it as a redemption item in inventory, or one can use the discount field at the point of sale for applying a global reduction in price on the entire invoice.

Q.16 We ship many of our products to our customers. Can ManageMore handle freight related charges?
A.16 Yes. ManageMore's inventory not only allows you to place a freight charge on an invoice, but can also calculate the freight charges using our built-in freight estimator.  You can also reference invoices with the shipping carrier that will deliver the goods and even apply special shipping instructions on the invoice.  There is even a place for recording the carriers tracking number when it leaves your location.
Q.17 Does ManageMore help track  varying warranty/guarantee policies on products?
A.17 Yes. ManageMore's inventory can be associated to a warranty code that instructs the POS on each item's return period.  When customers return any prior purchases, ManageMore will immediately notify/prohibit the cashier from returning any items past its original return policy.  Manager override can be setup to allow returns of warranty expired items.

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