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Q.01 ManageMore doesn't seem to print at all.  Why?
A.01 Your computer or workstation must have a default printer defined for the operating system.  Even if you have specifically told ManageMore about the printer you are going to use, a default printer must be defined for the PC or ManageMore will not work properly.
Q.02 I printed a report or document and received a message that says "Exception Error 10h in module xxx" or "illegal operation".   Why is this happening when I print?
A.02  This behavior can occur if any of the following conditions is true:
a. The driver for the printer is corrupted
b. A beta version or an outdated version of the driver is installed on your computer
c. The TEMP environment variable may point to an invalid folder
d. The math coprocessor installed in your computer is damaged
e. A new printer is installed with an older version of that printer driver

The 10H error is a floating point processor (math processor) exception and can sometimes be a difficult problem to resolve because not one specific problem causes this error.  One thing that is certain is that this error is not uncommon among many different software vendors including Microsoft products.

Usually, changing the printer driver to a newer version from the printer manufacturer or another compatible driver should work.  However, if this does not stop the problem, you may try turning off the Math coprocessor. To do this follow these directions:

1. With your right mouse button, click My Computer, and then click Properties.
2. On the Device Manager tab, click View devices by type.
3. Double-click System Devices.
4. Click Numeric Data processor, and then click Properties.
NOTE: With a Plug and Play bios, the Numeric Data Processor option will be under a Plug and Play branch in the Device Manager rather than at the top level.
5. On the Settings tab, click "Never Use The Numeric Data Processor."
6. Click OK.
7. Restart your computer.

Q.03 ManageMore doesn't seem to print where I want it to. Why?
A.03 If you plan on sending documents or reports to various printers throughout the network, it is imperative that each computer station is setup with the printer information of each document type (invoices, purchase orders, disbursements, transfers, etc.)  Under Setup... Forms... You will find all document types supported by ManageMore.  Each document type will display a Workstation Setup Tab.  Within this tab, you will find the setting that controls where a print job will be sent.  If left blank, ManageMore will assume the default printer assigned by the operating system.

Some industry specific features may have their own special printer settings as well.  Please consult your documentation for this.

Q.04 Why is printing very slow when a graphic logo image has been setup to print along with the document itself?
A.04 There is one of three possibilities for this:
a. The image you are printing is quite large.
b. Your printer has very little on-board memory for graphics.
c. Your printer is not designed for high-speed graphic output.

The most common culprit comes from graphic images that have not been properly optimized.  The easiest way to confirm this is to look at the file size of your graphic image.  If it is larger than 750k, it has not been properly re-sized and saved using highly compressed graphic formats like JPG or GIF.  Any basic graphic package should be able to correct this problem.

Q.05 I am no longer able to print invoices properly. Why?
A.05 ManageMore spools all invoice and payment documents to a temporary file first.  On rare occasions, this temporary file can become corrupt causing printing problems for these documents. 

To fix the problem, goto File... Maintenance... File Manager... Select the last item from the file list labeled "Temporary Files" and choose the Build button.

Q.06 Printing performance on my dot-matrix printer is very slow. Why?
A.06 Users coming from the DOS operating system are often the first to notice a dramatic difference in dot-matrix printing speed under Microsoft's Windows operating systems.  This is due to the design of how printing works under all newer Microsoft operating systems.

All pages within a print job are converted to graphic Windows Meta Files or graphic Enhanced Meta Files.  This technique works fine for desk jet or laser jet printers, but is a performance problem for dot matrix printers. 

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