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Q.01 Can ManageMore operate remotely over phone line or dedicated circuit?
A.01 Yes.  ManageMore has been optimized to work as efficiently as possible over a remote session.
Q.02 Is there a minimum data connection speed needed to run ManageMore efficiently?
A.02 ManageMore can operate with as little as a 56k bps modem connection.  However, we strongly recommend a connection speed of around 110k bps (approximately the speed of an ISDN connection or 2 phone binded connections) for an above average experience with very little screen lag.

Q.03 Does ManageMore work with Citrix Metaframe or MS Terminal Services?
A.03 Absolutely.  ManageMore has been thoroughly tested and optimized under both of these products.  Our experience has been that these products offer the best remote session experience of all communication packages and receives our highest recommendation for businesses with multiple locations/branches that want real-time access to their database from a central point.

Q.04 Does ManageMore work over a Wide Area Network (WAN)?
A.04 No.

WAN technology is often the cause of many failures with database applications because of the lack of understanding on how these private networks truly operate.  Connecting one computer network at one location to another computer network remotely, via a low bandwidth dedicated circuit, can offer advantages in remote file access to a variety of applications.  Such is the case with products like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.   These types of products only need to retrieve a single file at a time for working on a document or spreadsheet.  There is never the need to worry about other work stations wanting to retrieve or change information on the same document or spreadsheet at the same time.

However, software applications that use database storage techniques don't deal with data in the same manner.  Database applications store thousands of records (e.g. customer information, past invoice/payment history, etc.) within a single file structure on a network server.  This ultimately means that data retrieval is much more extensive and noticeable on networks with low bandwidth.  In most cases, database applications will cripple a network by stealing all available data-bandwidth when performing simple operations like a database lookup.

For this reason, we strongly recommend network environments that use "Thin Client" architecture like MS Terminal Services.  The advantages of thin client computing greatly outweigh the benefits of a WAN or VPN connection in areas of performance, stability, deployment and price.  Instead of trying to maintain several small inter-connected networks, one only has to deal with one large network in one main location. In fact, thin client technology has all but eliminated yesteryear WAN environments because of the cost of ownership and flexibility in handling remote file access plus the ability to run any software remotely with minimal bandwidth use. Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies now utilize Terminal Services in their workplace today.

Q.05 Does ManageMore work over a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?
A.05 When one talks about a VPN, it is not uncommon to get a few varying definitions for this term.  For our purposes we will define it as:

A VPN is one or more WAN links over a shared public network, typically over the Internet or an IP backbone from a Network Service Provider (NSP), that simulates the behavior of dedicated WAN links over leased lines.

Using the true definition of a VPN, performance with database driven applications (like ManageMore) are typically poor when using low-bandwidth connections.  However, some remote session software packages and certain hardware devices that use VPN techniques to run applications remotely can work quite well with ManageMore.  Therefore, we must be careful when we discuss the viability of a VPN with ManageMore.  Unless your database administrator knows for a fact that your VPN infrastructure works well with database-type applications, we discourage the use of such technology with our products.

For more information on this subject, refer to the Q&A above on Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Q.06 What limitations are there to running ManageMore over a remote connection?
A.06 The following are the downfalls of running ManageMore real-time over a remote connection:
  • Screen lag may be apparent on slower speed data connections
  • Redirection of COM port devices is typically not possible with most remote communication software applications
  • Monthly expense in phone lines or dedicated circuit for remote connection
  • Additional computers and other hardware is typically involved

Q.07 Can ManageMore be run over an internet connection?
A.07 Of course.  Many remote communication software programs offer some form of connecting to a host computer over the internet.  The main advantage of this is in the money savings from telephone long distance charges.  Products like Citrix or MS Terminal Services offer the best options for this capability.

Q.08 Can I have ManageMore working from an ASP site?
A.08 Certainly.  An Application Service Provider (ASP) is basically an Internet Service Provider utilizing remote connectivity technology, like Citrix Metaframe, to deliver programs remotely to businesses.   The benefit is that you do not have to deal with installation, hardware equipment, maintenance, security issues, data backup or expensive licensing fees.   The downside is that all locations will have to rely on a high speed data connection to the ASP server as well as a hefty monthly rental fee for the services that an ASP is giving you.

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