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Q.01 How does ManageMore handle user security?
A.01  ManageMore uses a separate program called the "Security Administrator" for securing all aspects of ManageMore as well as other Intellisoft programs.  Within the Security Administrator, one can define security settings per user or create security groups and assign users to those groups.

The Security Administrator relies on hundreds of resource settings to tell it how to secure ManageMore and other related programs.  Security can be scrutinized at the menu, window and field level of the application, for a truly secure environment.

Q.02 I have employees who should not have access to some function in ManageMore, How can I prohibit access to certain areas of the program?
A.02  Simply add the employee as a user to the Security Administrator program and assign him to a security group that restricts access to that part of the program.  You can also override security settings for that user only if you prefer.

Q.03 I forgot my login password to ManageMore. Is there a back door?
A.03  Since this is a problem that happens periodically (Don't be embarrased... happens to many of our customers), Intellisoft provides 2 security back doors. The first backdoor is a global password you create in the Security Administrator (File... Global Security Options... Back Door) that will allow you complete access to the program.  If by chance you do not remember your own back door password, Intellisoft has its own back door password so that you can gain access to the program (Note: Intellisoft's back door password is a unique 8 digit coded algorithm that changes daily.  So do not worry about any weakness in the security of ManageMore).

Q.04 Can I audit the different activities of an employee using ManageMore?
A.04 Yes. The Security Administrator offers settings for auditing the in's and out's of processes visited by an employee from within ManageMore.  This can be useful if you suspect that an employee is doing something unusual or want tabs on when an employee actually performs certain jobs in the day.

Q.05 Can the Security Administrator be secured from employee access?
A.05 Yes it can.  The Security Administrator can prohibit users access to itself.  When a security user is created within the program, there will be a checkbox settings that allows a user to gain access to the Security Administrator or not.

Q.06 Are there other security settings besides those in the Security Administrator?
A.06 Take the time to go through the setup area of ManageMore for some additional restrictions and passwords that can be created for special circumstances (e.g. refunding invoices, reversing payments, etc.).  The document management functionality of ManageMore also has its own security settings that allow you to define security rights for each filing cabinet created.

Q.07 ManageMore Security levels are excellent, but can be difficult to learn the resources for securing the program properly.  Are there any tips for setting up security easier?
A.07 The best way to visualize your security settings and see if you have properly chosen the correct resource to secure is to open the Security Administrator and ManageMore at the same time.  Login to ManageMore with the employee you want to give restricted access, then switch back to the Security Administrator and make your resource changes and press OK.  Now, switch back to ManageMore and test the results of the security resources you changed.

Intellisoft designed the Security Administrator to be network compliant and allows additions, changes and deletions of security rights while other users are in the system.  It is fairly simple to switch back and forth between programs to get a hands-on look at what you are securing.

The other tip is to use the Security Groups provided with the program to assign access rights for your employees.  Although ManageMore allows you to go to the individual security user and lock specific resources, we recommend against it.    Maintaining security groups will make it much easier when adding new users later on.

Q.08 I have recently upgraded to a new revision and have some new features that I need to secure from employees.  How do I accomplish this without disrupting existing security?
A.08 As of ManageMore 6.0 and on, the new resources added as a result of new functionality in the program are automatically assigned  to the default security groups  that come with ManageMore.  If you have used the default security groups that come with ManageMore, you won't need to do much in way of security settings.
Q.09 I notice the Security Administrator is all based around hundreds of Resource Id's, What exactly is a Resource Id?
A.09 In order to give you total control of the program, Intellisoft provides you with the ability to setup menu and field level security for your employees.  Each menu item and field contained within the program is called a "Resource Id".  You can manually lock or unlock any Resource Id for a given employee or security group.  There a literally hundreds of Resource Id's within the program that make-up the vast capabilities of ManageMore.  We recommend you to consider using the security groups as an easier way to grant access to the program, rather than attempting to identify each Resource Id individually.

If you need quick assistance with a certain field that you want to prohibit employee access to, please contact our technical support for immediately identifying the resources.  Typically, the resource description will be descriptive enough for you to understand what feature is being locked/unlocked.

Q.10 Are there any other security measures I should consider beyond those provided by ManageMore?
A.10 As good as the security seems from within ManageMore, there are always other areas that get overlooked by many companies that do not put enough time, money and effort in security matters.

The following is a list of common security measures that should always be done:

  1. Do not allow users to create passwords less than 4 characters in length.
  2. Make sure that users only have access to the programs they need on your computer network.  Your administrator should remove programs like MS Windows Explorer or any other File Maintenance utility which allows users to gain access to the hard drive and easily delete or copy your database without your knowledge.
  3. Consider disconnecting most floppy drives and CD-ROM drives from workstations on a computer network.  This eliminates the possibility of users copying information from your computer or possibly infecting your system with a computer virus.
  4. If you allow computers to connect to the internet or have internet access throughout your network, strongly consider the purchase of software firewall programs and commercial grade anti-virus applications to protect from unknown intrusion.
  5. If you allow employees to receive emails, consider the elimination of file attachments.  They bring more headaches to a company than its worth.  ManageMore's Email Pro is a great commercial strength email management tool  and a better alternative to weaker security prone mail browsers like MS Outlook Express.
  6. Periodically check out www.microsoft.com for security updates and patches on their operating system, internet browser and web server .  Microsoft is constantly finding open back doors and weaknesses in its products that can exploit your computer network to outside hackers.
  7. Always backup your computer hard drive and have at least several tape backups in constant rotation throughout the week.  Also, take one tape out of rotation and off premises periodically.  Performing computer backups is by far  the most important of all steps because it acts as a safety net  in the event of a major security breach.
  8. Read the security topic in the ManageMore User's Guide for more information on securing your database.

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