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Gift Card Manager Review
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About Gift Card Manager

The Gift Card Manager is a cash-generating add-on module that doubles as a miniature "billboard" in your customer's wallet. Card balances reduce as the card is used by the customer. This encourages repeat visits and limits cash refunds.



  • Card value can be pre-loaded or loaded on site
  • Card rechargeable after initial value is depleted
  • Can be used to gather customer demographic data on one card

BENEFITS: Why issue Gift cards?

  • Increased revenue
    • Increased float and slippage (on average 15-25% of cards are never redeemed)
    • No change given – 100% Value
    • Gift card sales boost ( average 30% more than paper)
    • Additional revenue streams (card sponsorship)
    • Enhanced promotional capabilities to drive incremental sales
    • Encourages return visits to reduce value on card

  • Significant operational savings
    • Reduced administrative and reconciliation costs
    • Streamlined procedures at the POS
    • Available as stand-alone solution or integrated POS
    • Reduced theft and fraud


Gift Card Manager Features
Gift Cards do not require electronic processor to activate.
Activation of Gift Cards are handled from within the point-of-sale. Just scan, swipe, or type in the Gift Card serial no. and enter the dollar amount you want to designate on the card.
Refunds can issue gift cards with credit amounts automatically
Cards are rechargeable at any point.



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