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Intellisoft is proud to offer ManageMore™ Business Software-- a truly integrated industry specific software solution for all forms of businesses like yours.  Many features come standard out-of-the-box and ready  to be put to use. Whether you are interested in the back-end accounting capabilities, or the front-end point-of-sale features, ManageMore delivers.

Do not neglect the very rapid changes taking place in all businesses today.  In order to maintain a competitive edge, you need innovative and flexible features out of your business software.  The ebusiness evolution is upon us, and yesteryear business software need dramatic changes.

ManageMore™ was built from the ground up as an ebusiness solution like no other.  Leveraging internet technology into your industry specific requirements provide a powerful new way to offer products and services to customers.  We haven't changed the basics of your business... we've just made it cheaper, faster, and more efficient to handle your sales and marketing efforts.

Ecommerce capabilities to enhance sales 24/7...  Bulk email features to promote your business for free... Integrated email client and CRM features for customer service to better communicate with consumers... Credit card and electronic check processing via Internet for faster and more practical processing of orders...  These are just some of the many ways your business will benefit from ManageMore's robust and modern approach to ebusiness.  But don't take our word for it.  Demo it.  Decide for yourself.  Find out what thousands of ManageMore customers already know... Business Software just doesn't get much better than this!

Business Features

Discover how ManageMore solutions can benefit your industry specific operation with a wide array of business software solutions.


Accounting and Finance
Supply Chain Management
CRM Software
POS Software


Add-On Products

ManageMore offers several popular add-on modules that complement your industry specific requirements by automating and improving the efficiency of routine tasks.

Email Software
Task Manager Software
Sales Order Processing Software
Credit Card Processing Software
eCommerce Software
Electronic Funds Transfer Software
Report Scheduling Software
Serial Number Tracking Software
Accounting Export Software
Database Export Software
Mail Merge Software

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