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Credit Card Processing Comparisons


IntelliCharge™ versus
Traditional POS Terminals

POS TerminalFor years, merchants have relied on special hardware for processing credit cards.  This equipment is referred by many as a point-of-sale terminal or authorization terminal (similar to picture shown on left).  These terminals are placed at each workstation along with a dedicated phone line to process the credit card transactions.

What makes IntelliCharge better to use than the old fashioned point-of-sale terminals?
For starters, a terminal typically costs between $250 to $750.  A business requiring five workstations can easily spend over $2000 in equipment to process credit cards.  Because of the steep price, some businesses avoid purchasing altogether and opt to rent these devices at around $25 per unit monthly.  As with any electronic equipment that is used repeatedly, periodic maintenance fees will be necessary on these devices as well.

Secondly, each terminal requires a dedicated phone line to approve the credit card transactions.  This can quickly add up to big dollars annually if your business has a large sales group that requires credit card processing for each workstation.  

In contrast, IntelliCharge credit card processing software interfaces and approves credit cards directly over your existing Internet connection.   The hardware involved is practically maintenance-free, and it's much faster than standard authorization terminals. There are no rolls of paper or special end-of-day process needed to close out daily credit card activities either.  Also, since the IntelliCharge program is integrated within ManageMore, it is much easier to do point-of-sale transactions and cuts down on potential fraud or error from double entry. 

Let us compare the costs involved for a business with only five sales workstations:

Technology Annual Cost of Terminal Lease* Annual Cost of Phone Lines** Annual TCO for 5 stations
Intellicharge™ $0 $0 $0
Authorization Terminal $1,500 $1,800 $3,300

* Based on a nationwide average of $25/monthly lease per terminal
Based on a nationwide average of $30/monthly per phone line



Credit Card Processing Software for the 21st Century!

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