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What's the Big Deal about our Innovative Intellisearch™ Feature?

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As the combined phrase suggests, Intellisearch™ is ManageMore's unique  Intelligent search engine which provides for a powerful method of finding inventory items quickly at the point-of-sale or wherever an inventory item lookup is needed throughout the program.

It sounds simple enough, but there is a whole bunch going on under the hood that makes the Intellisearch technology a "must-have" for businesses that manage large inventories.

The Basic Problem:  Most POS and Inventory Control software programs on the market today give you a few lookup methods for finding a product among hundreds of inventory items in a database.  Common search methods usually include and Item code or UPC lookup. 

However, more often than not, we need to find a product in inventory based on the description of an item.  Unfortunately, several complexities occur when trying to find an item by its description alone.  These complexities slow down productivity for salespersons, cashiers, purchasing managers, and ultimately the customer.

1. Practically every commercially sold software program offers an inventory description searching method, however, these programs require you to type the description in the exact order and spelling as found in your inventory database.  For example, performing a search lookup on "Bread Machine" would not even come close to helping you find the "Ultimate Bread Machine" because it would display descriptions starting with "B" not "U".

2.  Another common problem is when an item's description is lengthy and unclear as to the order the description may be listed under.  For example, someone searching for "George Foreman's Extreme Grilling Machine"  will be unsuccessful with searches like "Extreme Grilling Machine by George Foreman" or  "Foreman's Grilling Machine Extreme" or even "Grilling Machine Extreme by George Foreman".  It doesn't matter how many search words match the original description, most POS and inventory control systems will not even come close at suggesting possible items that match your search query.  Ad-hoc query reports are the only alternative solutions offered by many software vendors and are usually time-consuming to say the least.

3.  Yet another common problem comes from inventory items that are difficult to spell or contain confusing homonyms.  Try asking someone to find a "Pfitzer Faucet" in your inventory, and you will probably get various unsuccessful search attempts like "Fitser Fawcet", "Phitser Fausett", "Fitzor Fausset" or even "Fixer Fawset". 

Here is a list of some other tricky spellings that will most likely be spelled incorrectly  by even the most educated of people:
"Beautiful Decanter", "Our Favorite Pastime", "Laugh Out Loud Elmo", "Boars Head Gouda Cheese", "Miniature People Doll House", "Rhythm and Rhyme Music Set",  "Millennium Collectible Pendant", "Kaplan Educational Toys",  and "Eagle Pneumatic Air Tools".


The Intellisearch™ Solution:  ManageMore provides a unique built-in intelligent search engine that resolves all of the problems mentioned above.  It can quickly find the inventory item you are looking for, no matter how badly you misspell the description, or in what order you type that description.

Using a phonetic based search technique, ManageMore will find your products by how they sound, rather than how they are supposed to be spelled.  This makes it easy to deal with unusual manufacturer names, tricky homonyms, or difficult spellings like "Pneumatic".

Our Intellisearch engine can provide accurate search matches against inventories with thousands of items...  and all within just a few seconds or less.

There is no real need to use other search methods like manufacturer, model, category, department, etc. when Intellisearch can find the item you are looking for quickly and easily.

As an added bonus, the Intellisearch technology is also available for looking up customer names by a phonetic "sounds-like" approach as well.  This makes it handy to find customers with unusual spellings in their names.

Say farewell to the ordinary software that makes it difficult to find what you're looking for...
Let ManageMore's Intellisearch™ technology save you precious time while working within the ManageMore business software suite.



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