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Your inventory is your most valuable asset and ManageMore's Inventory control gives you the flexibility you need to deal with outgoing orders, incoming stock, backorders, returns, or dead stock among one or many warehouses and store locations.  You can build kits from an unlimited number of parts and even control your own internal inventory stock supplies separate from what you sell.   Every day brings challenges, and each day’s challenges are different. How do you keep track of it all? How do you make sure your customers get what they want, when they want it? How do you manage inventories in a variety of locations? It takes flexibility.

ManageMore's Inventory control software gives you this flexibility and puts the power in your hands to control your asset.  From the initial setup of inventory templates to the creation of multiple pricing methods, ManageMore's Inventory control software meets the diverse requirements of a wide variety of industries. Because you can pattern this system around your business rules, it puts you in control of your inventory needs.  You will easily be able to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations and maximize your company’s net profits.

Setup your Inventory business rules by utilizing our powerful inventory templates.  Setting up Inventory is like designing your very own system. Based on the way you do business, you can define default inventory item pricing, general ledger accounts, taxes, category, department, warranty, and up to five user-definable settings per template.  Our Inventory templates can also be used to auto-generate Item codes as new products are added into inventory.  There are even invoice options that determine the entry behavior while filling out an invoice -- options like quantity, description, or price override per item can be allowed or prohibited for a true point-of-sale experience.  Inventory templates will allow you to speed up your inventory processes and minimize errors by reducing the amount of typing necessary to enter product information.

Manage multiple inventory warehouses or store locations as easily as you would handle just one inventory site.  Using ManageMore's Inventory control software, one can quickly setup an abundant number of separate warehouses, holding facilities or store locations -- each containing their own inventory levels for similar part numbers.  You can track an unlimited number of items at unlimited sites, providing comprehensive control over items, wherever they’re located.  Inventory transfer documents can be easily generated for moving these inventory levels from one facility to another.

Exploit comprehensive reports which give you the information you need to purchase the right products at the right time.  Through a variety of standard reports including: inventory low stock, overstock, count worksheets, sales analysis, and perpetual inventory reports.  All reports can also be exported directly into products like MS Excel for further control of your inventory data.

Efficiently control the in's and out's of lot and serial numbered products in  inventory.  For businesses that require lot or serial number tracking, ManageMore's inventory control software  along with the Serial Number Manager™  program can streamline the process of receiving, selling, or returning serialized inventory items.  When a product or part is designated as a serialized item, a pop-up window opens and is populated with appropriate information.  Serialized inventory is extremely useful for businesses that want to manage product warranties, track repairs, reduce fraud,  reclaim stolen property, announce product recalls, and much more.

Take advantage of Inventory cycle counting techniques which yield more accurate results.
Our Inventory control software simplifies entry and reconciliation of physical inventory counts with a variety of options, including the ability to freeze inventory quantities so they are not updated by transactions while you are counting. It is not necessary to close your warehouse to do the physical count either.  For those businesses that perform frequent physical counts, our inventory control fully supports cycle counting using ABC analysis. You can enter physical counts into the system, print count worksheets, and preview the adjustments before posting the inventory changes.

Improve the accuracy of your Inventory counts with the use of hand-held data collectors.
Data collectors are no longer an expensive automation device designed  for large retail operations with hundreds of inventory items only.  A data collector allows your staff to quickly do inventory counts without the need for error-prone and clunky paper and pencil notation.   With dozens of inexpensive hardware models available today, any business with a moderate inventory  can take advantage of the efficiency and accuracy of such a device.  ManageMore's inventory control software makes it easy to import the data gathered from almost any of these devices in a matter of seconds.  Reconcile your inventory without the worry of data entry errors, illegible handwriting on count sheets, or the large time involved with inventory counting.

Easily create and maintain Inventory kits from other components in your inventory system.  A kit is an inventory item containing two or more components (inventory items). Kitting is ideal for businesses that sell products individually or bundled for a special price.  Kits can also be used for businesses that manufacture a product from a variety of other components in their inventory.  As kits are sold to customers, ManageMore's Inventory control software automatically reduces appropriate inventory levels on all components that make up the kit.  Your customers can even return a partial kit and the inventory module will handle the appropriate returns of only the usable items that exist within the returned kit.

Manage multiple vendors for each item in your inventory.  We make it simple for you to quickly identify other vendors that carry products you need.  You can't always rely on the same vendor to carry the products your customers are demanding.  Our inventory control software makes it simple to utilize alternate vendors and will even remember the best cost, last cost, economical order quantity and lead time for each vendor on the same part.

Instantly identify items that are selling well and those that are problematic.  While viewing any inventory item, you will immediately be able to access: First Date Sold; Last Date Sold; Total Quantity Sold; and M-T-D, Q-T-D and  Y-T-D Purchases, Quantity Sold, Adjustments, Transfers, Returns, Sales, and COGS compared to prior years.  There is no need to print a report -- vital information about a product is just a mouse click away.

Produce standardized pricing rules for your inventory items to ensure proper and consistent profit margins.  Support for a variety of pricing methods (e.g., Markup percentage, Margin percentage, Fixed Price) can be setup to streamline your profit calculations in a more systematic and  business-like manner.  Special price rounding techniques can also be applied so that products display a more consistent dollar and cents value throughout your inventory product lines.

Easily identify and track the work flow of merchandise through stages of production.  For some businesses (like manufacturers), a product (and its associated parts) may require separate counts through its various stages of production (e.g. assembly, painting, varnishing, and then it becomes a finished product).  This can help a business identify how well a production line is doing and better estimate when and how many finished products will be coming available for sale.  ManageMore's multi-location inventory design can easily be setup to support any number of stages that you wish to keep count on.  So whether you assemble, collect, disband, "bag and tag" or manufacture something in stages, and want better control of where everything is at each stage, ManageMore is for you.

Dramatically reduce efforts involved when lowering or increasing inventory prices.  At some point in time, every business will either create special sales incentives or increase its prices to reflect inflation and cost of doing business.  This can sometimes be a tremendous amount of work for businesses with hundreds or even thousands of products among multiple locations.  ManageMore's Inventory control software eliminates the need to individually change prices one inventory item at a time.  Through a global price change window, one can set rules and conditions for inventory categories that require price updates.  Utilizing pricing methods (like Markup and Margin percentages), one can quickly do mass changes to inventory without the tedious effort of manual data entry.

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