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There comes a time in every growing business, where necessary   routine tasks done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis become difficult to manage and time-consuming.  Eventually, these routine processes are carried out by various personnel within an organization to alleviate the burden of work.  Wouldn't it be nice if your computer could automatically handle these tasks for you?

Click. Schedule. Relax. Introducing Job Scheduler™ for ManageMore...  A revolutionary service which can be used to schedule the printing or emailing of almost any ManageMore report as well as launching a variety of routine processes automatically. 

Job Scheduler™ allows routine processes (also referred to as "jobs") to be easily scheduled to run at any day and time interval you wish... daily at 5pm, Every Friday at 10pm, 1st of every month at noon, etc.  All report jobs which are destined for email will deliver industry standard Acrobat PDF files that are ultra-compact and easy to view by the recipient.  You can even define multiple recipients to receive the same report if you wish. 

Additionally, because the Job Scheduler is an entirely separate program running as a service under Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP, you don't have to worry about the Job Scheduler stopping at anytime... as long as your computer is left turned on, your jobs will be completed every day.

Never forget to run those monthly finance charges.  Job Scheduler can be set up with the necessary criteria to automatically generate and post finance charges whenever you want.  Because timing of finance charges is often critical, Job Scheduler works magic in cases where... timing is everything.

Always get your billing done on time.  Whether you bill daily, weekly, or monthly, the Job Scheduler will take care of the mundane chores for generating and posting your customer statements.  You can even have someone in your organization notified via email when the billing process is complete and ready for distribution.

Stay on top of writing off bad debt.  Most businesses using accrual accounting will want to write off their outstanding invoices a few times a year.  Let the Job Scheduler do it for you automatically and worry about other important matters.

Get common daily reports generated and printed before you even close your doors.  Imagine a store manager walking up to the front of the establishment  in order to close store operations and then returning to his/her desk to find all end-of-day reports sitting on the network printer without ever asking anyone to do so.  This is automation at its finest.

Here are just some of the common reports that your Job Scheduler can create for your business on a routine basis:

  • Cash Drawer summary for each individual employee working a cash register
  • Bank Deposit summary
  • Incomplete Tasks by Employee
  • Low Stock summary
  • Profit Statistics

Send those critical accounting reports to your VIPs, no matter where they are. With the Job Scheduler, there is no need for the CEO, CFO, or VP of your company to receive phone calls, faxes, or messy hardcopy reports in order to keep tabs on business operations.  Instead, tell the Job Scheduler to email those vital reports regularly to their personal email accounts.  Now, the VIPs in your organization can play golf all day long and get information delivered to them through a wireless mobile device without anyone even knowing. Can you imagine that? :)

Take advantage of the Web and deliver reports to everyone at any time -- Everywhere.  Presenting information to key personnel, stockholders, and others who are on a "need to know" basis is as simple as posting reports to the World Wide Web using the Job Scheduler's standard FTP interface.  Standard reports requested by different individuals can be generated once and displayed instantly for all to view on the Internet. Your office will be transformed overnight into a truly productive ebusiness with the combination of Job Scheduler and World Wide Web Reporting.

Notify sales staff of their ongoing commission status, without ever being bothered again.  Lets face it... sales people in an organization can be pushy... oh wait, we want that don't we? Kidding aside... let the Job Scheduler send sales commission reports to each and every salesperson, outside representative, dealer and sales manager on a daily basis if you wish.  Eliminate those numerous internal phone calls and personal requests for obtaining an individual's sales numbers.  Let the Job Scheduler work on it, so you can work on something else.

Receive sensitive information without anyone ever knowing.  Sometimes, it is not a good idea when upper personnel request staff members to periodically deliver certain sensitive reports to them only.  Inadvertently, you may be telling others in your organization exactly what you review in your business, and what you don't.  Don't let others know what you are up to... simply create your own scheduled report job and regularly receive all sensitive information directly to your email inbox.

Request on demand groups of reports to print or email with minimal keystrokes.  If your jobs are not always persistent, but do require more than a few reports to be generated, you can easily create a report job that has no recurrence and is associated to several other report jobs.  Job Scheduler, in essence, can create an unlimited number of batch reports that can be called up to run whenever you need them.

In summary, only your creativity limits you to how you can use this unique and innovative product to make your workday easier and more efficient. 


Job Scheduler Features
Operates as an NT service for continuous operation of product even while logged out.
Just set it and forget it  screen shot
Allows for the automatic generation of almost any report contained within ManageMore screen shot
Flexible recurring day and time intervals can be set per job screen shot
Allows report jobs to be printed to any printer on the network or sent as an email  screen shot
Multiple recipients can be assigned to receive the same report via email
Report jobs via email utilize industry standard Acrobat PDF files for delivering compact and easily viewable on-screen reports.
Report jobs via email can send ASCII tab or comma-delimited file formats for easy import into spreadsheet applications
Allows scheduled launching of certain other processes like finance charges, statements, and writing off bad debt
Create batch reports that can be launched on demand
Generates error log if problems are encountered during the creation of a job
Alarm setting to notify administrator or manager that something has gone wrong with a job  screen shot

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