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Matrix Inventory Software Review

ManageMore business software solutions can provide you powerful ways to manage your inventory easily. For many businesses, this means an easier way to create or select items that are of a similar nature.  Today more than ever, customers want choices in the products they buy. They want to choose from different colors, sizes, styles, etc.  A single product can sometimes have dozens of attribute combinations, making it cumbersome to deal with when purchasing from vendors and/or selling to customers.

A matrix item makes it painless to quickly manage many similar inventory items based on the input of just a single parent record. A matrix item is a group of items with similar characteristics. Imagine a scenario where a manufacturer sells you a Designer t-shirt that comes in 6 colors, 3 sizes (e.g. small, medium, large), and 3 styles (e.g. short sleeve, long sleeve, no sleeve). Based on the attributes mentioned, you would have 54 different t-shirt models for this single brand shirt. In order to maintain inventory counts, this means that you would need to create 54 individual item codes for this one item at just one store location.  With a matrix, ordering and inventory tracking become easier, while still providing cashiers the ability to ring up or look up a specific size and color of t-shirt.

Create your attribute sets and ManageMore does the rest. By defining an attribute and all of its possible values (e.g. create a Color attribute that contains Red, Black, Blue, and White), you can quickly construct a matrix item and let ManageMore produce the combination of all component items for a given product. Each component of the matrix will be assigned a unique item code for tracking purposes and you can easily alter the matrix as the attributes expand/contract from your supplier over time.

Save time when making changes to a matrix item. By changing the characteristic of your parent matrix item, you automatically change all matrix components too.  For example, a Nike shoe brand that has 10 sizes and 3 widths would be made up of 30 different product codes. As a matrix item, you can alter the price of this shoe and all 30 product codes would be updated instantly.

Who benefits from a matrix item? There are many business models that can benefit from a matrix inventory.  Some of the more common businesses include:

  • Apparel / Fashion Stores (e.g., clothing with varying sizes, colors, styles or waist/length)
  • Shoe Stores (e.g., shoes with varying sizes, widths)
  • Sporting Goods (e.g., bats, gloves, helmets, etc. with varying sizes, colors, weights)
  • Lumber Stores (e.g. sheets of wood made of different composites, grade, thickness)
  • Flooring Stores (e.g. tiles with varying patterns, colors, sizes)
  • Jewelry Stores (e.g. chains and rings of different lengths, sizes)
  • Hardware/Tools (e.g. bolts, screws, nuts, etc. of varying sizes, lengths, alloys)
  • Food/Candy Stores (e.g. food/candy sold in bags or containers of different weight)


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