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Archived Information from Dec. 2001

Well, after quite a few months of back and forth design issues with our website... we finally have revamped the look of our web site and hope that everyone finds it easier to navigate and obtain the information important to you.  Use our site map on the home page to quickly determine what areas you haven't visited yet and take a brief moment to review the key features list which highlights all the major capabilities of ManageMore.

ManageMore Revision P

Here's a list of some of the more recent improvements/changes made:

  1. New Customer Statistics Tab shows customer sales/returns trends instantly.
  2. Improved handling of Inventory returns by using a held inventory concept for review at a later time.
  3. ODBC driver kit is now optionally available for customers who need to access ManageMore's database real-time for things like Web integration, IVR applications, etc.
  4. Improvements made on various transaction entry screens to allow the recording of a reason code.
  5. Customer record now has a place for permanently storing a main "Ship To" address to speed up the process of filling out an invoice.
  6. Customer record now supports sub-accounts for storing multiple "Ship To" addresses for one customer to speed up the process of filling out an invoice.  Sub-Accounts can also be used for departmentalizing or grouping recurring charges on statements for large customers that require this capability (government/state agencies, hospitals, County offices, etc.)
  7. New Shipper Notes have been added to the invoice screen to allow special instructions to be printed on the invoice to help a delivery person find a recipients location easier or for printing special procedures that need followed for delivery.
  8. New customer name search using a "Sounds-Like" phonetic search that simplifies finding a customer by last name.
  9. New general setting can eliminate certain ManageMore accounting features that are not used by your company for purposes of simplifying the look and feel of the program.
  10. New customer user defined fields can be setup to record additional info that is important to your business needs.
  11. Support of PC Charge Software for electronic payment authorization is now available.
  12. Improvement in data Integrity process for cleaning up older stray transactions that have had misc. problems with balances, due dates, unapplied amounts, etc.


Upcoming Features

Intellisoft has been working vigorously over the last six months on several projects that will provide exciting new capabilities in ManageMore.  Many of these projects are currently completed and undergoing extensive beta testing before going Gold.  No confirmed ship date is available at this time, but feel free to contact our sales department for an estimate of  when these features will be ready.

eCommerce Manager is our long awaited internet shopping cart integration tool.  It's objective is to provide ManageMore customers a simple way of selling products/services over the internet without the need of investing in web servers, firewall protection, or hiring full-time computer administrator to make money using the internet while you sleep.  All internet inventory items are automatically uploaded to your shopping cart website and orders are retrieved, processed, invoiced, electronically charged,  and ready to ship.  Click here to read more about this fantastic and original ebusiness solution for ManageMore.

Intellicharge is our newest payment authorization tool for approving credit card and electronic check payments with the use of an internet connection only.  No more need to purchase expensive merchant  terminal devices throughout your computer network.  Intellicharge will instantly transform all workstations into a credit card processing terminal.  There are many other advantages to this unique payment authorization system. Click here to read more about Intellicharge.

Email Pro (Rev. 2) has undergone extensive changes that should now make it the premier email client software for receiving/sending email internally to personnel as well as to outside individuals on the Internet.  Several new capabilities will be available to existing users of Email Pro as well as some new features that will be sold separately.  Click here to read more about the new Email Pro.

Job Scheduler is an automation tool that can launch reports and several other continuous processes at specific defined intervals.  The Job Scheduler can even send reports, invoices, and orders via email to anyone you wish. Click here to read more about this exciting new addition to ManageMore.



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