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So you need to access ManageMore's database in real-time?
Need to interface ManageMore information with external sources?
Want similar flexibility as if you were one of our developers?

With the ODBC Driver Kit™, you are in total control of your business application and all the valuable data that is stored within it.

Go ahead... Create your own custom reports, graphs, forecast analysis, projections, etc. without ever having to wait and see if the next software version will include features that are important to you.  The ODBC Driver Kit furnishes access to data in real-time for special circumstances like incorporating data into your web site or possibly accessing information through an Interactive Voice Response system.  Basically, you are in full control of the database and how you want to present information to your company or the world.

Open Database Connectivity ( ODBC) is a database standard that was developed by Microsoft over ten years ago.  This standard allows for any ODBC capable software application to retrieve data from other software products that it knows nothing about.  Some of the more popular tools that support ODBC access are MS Excel, MS Access, and Crystal Reports, to name a few.

The ODBC Driver Kit is intended for outside software developers, consultants, CIOs or anyone within an IT department that needs to access data in real-time.  You must have an intermediate to above average understanding of databases and file relationships, joining indexes, and fundamentals of one-to-many or many-to-one relationships.  Please see our File Export Pro module for those looking for a beginner to intermediate data extraction solution instead.


ODBC Driver Kit Features
Industry Standard driver easily installs itself to the Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator screen shot
True real-time access of database for mission-critical applications that require live data like certain web site projects and telephone IVR systems.
Allows read-only access to all relevant ManageMore database files
Supports any ODBC capable program for reading database (e.g., Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Seagate Crystal Reports, etc.)
Includes 10 hours of direct communication with Intellisoft's software development team for quickly jump starting your business objectives

Note: ODBC Driver Kit is only required on ManageMore's non-client/server ISAM databases

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