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Agent Access™

The Agent Access™ product extends the capabilities of the RCC Gateway interface and is designed for paging carriers that want to create a software portal for resellers/agents to do their own pager programming without any interaction required by the paging carrier.  It provides convenience, security, and full audit trail capabilities of all activity performed by a paging reseller.

The Agent Access program primarily works as a scaled-down version of the Paging Manager module.  It is designed to be accessed using any remote communication package and gives the paging reseller the ability to do the following:

  • Activate, Reconnect, Suspend or Change Pager features related to units on the reseller account only
  • Send Test Pages to units on the reseller account only
  • Review available capcodes assigned to reseller
  • Review available phone numbers from Phone Number Inventory
  • Review Account Balance Information
  • Change Login Password to Agent Access program

All programming through the Agent Access product is done in real-time and immediately affects information found inside ManageMore as well.  Basically, a pager activated in Agent Access will exhibit the same characteristics as if it were done in the Paging Manager within ManageMore, including prorates and airtime service rates.

Accordingly, the Agent Access program is designed to lower operating costs by moving the responsibility of pager programming to the reseller/agent as well as providing a true firewall between the reseller and a paging carriers terminal. 


Agent Access Features
Software portal for resellers to do their own pager programming without any interaction required by the paging carrier  screen shot screen shot screen shot
Lowers operating costs by requiring reseller/agent to do their own programming
History trail of all agent activity while programming units
Flexible settings allow certain programming options to be removed from Agent Access screen shot
Designed to be accessed using any commercially available remote communication product (e.g., pcAnywhere, NetOp, MS Terminal Services, Citrix Metaframe, etc.)
Provides true firewall between reseller and paging terminal
Hours of operation can be preset so that agents cannot login during certain hours (e.g., nightly backups, file rebuilds, upgrades, etc.)
Special bulletins can be setup to display announcements before the agent logs into the program screen shot
Company's logo can be integrated into program for professional custom look


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