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Airtime Audit Pro™

The Airtime Audit Pro™ software is a unique feature that provides automated reconciliation between your active pager database and your paging carrier's system.  Within seconds, this money-saving application can determine if you are being incorrectly billed for paging airtime services that you do not currently have activated.

The unfortunate truth is... errors caused by your own personnel and also by the paging carrier can sometimes cost your business thousands of dollars annually in billing errors.  Pagers that should be deactivated for customer non-payment sometimes slip through the cracks, or worse... errors made by your paging carrier will occasionally bill your account for services that belong to some other individual.  While it is possible to manually reconcile your monthly vendor statements, it can become extremely time-consuming if your business has hundreds or even thousands of pagers activated with a particular paging carrier provider.

With Airtime Audit Pro™, you can easily reconcile your carrier bills electronically no matter how many pagers you have in service, provided your paging carrier can supply a disk file of your statement.  Airtime Audit Pro allows itself to be mapped to any paging carrier's file format, so no special file format is required for the reconciliation to take place.

Once you have mapped the paging carrier's file format, only 3 simple steps are required to reconcile your vendor bills monthly.

  1. Insert disk or copy the paging carrier's electronic file to your hard drive.
  2. Tell Airtime Audit Pro the mapped file format to use and the disk file name location.
  3. Press the START button to begin the reconciliation.

It's that simple.  Within seconds, an exception report will print detailing unknown items billed from your service provider.  As an added bonus, you can even map pager programming information (provided that your carrier supplies this information on disk) and the Airtime Audit Pro will identify programming mismatches on capcode, pager format, message class, and frequency.  It can also import call counts while reconciling so that you don't have to manually key-in overcalls for pagers being billed on a per call basis.

Airtime Audit Pro™ is an invaluable time and revenue saving feature for larger resellers who want to be sure that their vendor bills are accurate without having to spend days looking over paperwork.

 Airtime Audit Pro Features
Reconciliation of paging vendor statement against pager airtime billed services for instant notification of billing errors
Eliminate entry errors by personnel and paging provider with monthly auditing process
Save hours of manual labor normally involved in traditional auditing techniques of a paging providers monthly statement
Automatic correction capabilities cleans up your pager database
Import  call counts from paging carrier disk for automatic overcall billing purposes
User defined field mapping to paging provider disk file


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