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Paging Manager™

Inside the ManageMore™ software suite, the industry-acclaimed Paging Manager™ module provides the core functionality for running a successful paging business.  With the Paging Manager, you will be able to control, audit and track your stock pagers and their associated programming characteristics (e.g., model, pager format, pager frequency, message class, capcode, etc.).  When you are ready to sell or lease your pagers to customers, the Paging Manager can guide you through the steps of recording all relevant information about the customer, pager and services requested.  While being guided through the data entry process, you will also determine how often to bill your customer through ManageMore's billing engine, and whether deposits, promotions or automatic prorating is also necessary.   The Paging Manager will even finalize the initial sale by auto-generating a pager contract/invoice through the integrated point-of-sale feature within ManageMore.  The best part is that the Paging Manager Software now includes AutoPage™, Audit Pro™, and Repair Pro™ at no additional charge.

Handle customer service issues effortlessly.  All customer service issues become a trouble-free task with our pager billing software and its tight integration to ManageMore's CRM interface.   Simply lookup and edit all customer and pager related information (i.e., pager pricing, pager programming, customer address) from one simple-to-use centralized screen.  A customer can be easily searched in the database by various means (e.g., pager phone number, pager capcode, pager serial number, company name, last name, account number, home phone, work phone or even email address) and all relevant accounting information is retrieved simultaneously (e.g., customer balance, outstanding invoices, payments made, invoice aging, etc.).  Even a historical record of programming changes made to a customer's pager (disconnections, activations, phone number changes, pager exchanges/upgrades, etc.) can be viewed at the touch of a button.

Set new standards through the use of data entry automation.  Instead of relying on your employees to determine the varying prices on pager services (i.e. airtime fees, different coverage region fees, voice mail fees, etc.), you can automate pricing based on how the pager unit is programmed and also based on the type of customer purchasing the service (i.e. retail, corporate, reseller, etc.).  By removing pricing decisions from your employees, you avoid thousands of dollars in costly pager billing errors annually.

Create promotions that can increase long-term recurring revenue. Through the use of special promotional pricing schemes, you can offer recurring services at reduced prices to attract customers to your business.  The promotional scheme can then automatically raise prices back to normal service rates after a certain period has elapsed.  This technique can also be used for promoting additional services that would otherwise have not been purchased.  For example, one promotion could be "Free voice mail included for 3 months with pager activation."  The promotional pricing scheme can be setup to automatically start charging for voice mail only after a specific period has elapsed.  Another promotion that can be used to attract customers is to offer pager service at 99 cents a month, only to increase after a predetermined number of billing cycles.  The best part of the promotion pricing scheme is that nobody has to remember when to remove the promotion and start billing for the services at the acceptable and profitable rates.

Utilize powerful Capcode Inventory Management features at your fingertips.  Included with the Paging Manager is also a powerful capcode inventory system that helps organize your stock pagers as well as maintain unused capcodes for re-programming COAM (Customer Owned and Maintained) pagers.  The Paging Manager takes all the guess work out of which capcodes are programmed or available for use so that accidental duplication of capcodes is not possible.  The capcode inventory also makes it effortless to assign capcodes to other customers (e.g., resellers, agents, or salespersons) or to flag particular units that are considered loaners, rentals, broken, repair related, in transit, etc.

Hassle-free Phone Number Inventory Management is within your reach.  For those paging resellers or paging carriers that must maintain their own list of available phone numbers to issue to their customers, the Paging Manager includes a unique phone number inventory management system that can automatically issue the oldest available phone number obtained from a large phone pool of numbers.  The phone number inventory allows you to group phone numbers based on your own geographic choosing so that picking available numbers is accurate and simple.  As customers discontinue their pager service, the phone number inventory system automatically handles the rest of the process by recycling phone numbers based on a preset period of days.  For special circumstances, the phone number inventory even allows you to assign blocks of phone numbers to customers or reserve phone numbers for later use.

Reduce hours of work involved with interrupting pager service due to non-payment.
Probably one of the more labor intensive tasks for a paging business is dealing with non-paying customers and having to make the case-by-case decision of who will have their pager service interrupted.  The problem only gets worse as your customer base gets larger, because you will  more than likely have to deal with hundreds or even thousands of customers which require service interruption.  When dealing with delinquent payment issues, the manual steps  involved are lengthy and usually require the following:

  •  Identify the customers that require service interruption
  • Manually remove the customer from further billings
  • Group disconnected pager service by the paging vendor/carrier they belong to
  • Physically de-activating the pagers directly on the paging terminal or through some remote computer agent access process

The Paging Manager can alleviate many of these steps through our advanced Quick Disconnect feature.  By simply providing your own set of criteria (i.e. minimum aging balance, customer type, store location, etc.), the Quick Disconnect process selects the customers that qualify for service interruption.  You can rapidly make last minute changes to the selected list and then proceed with the process.  All customers are automatically removed from the billing process and a disconnection report is quickly generated that groups pagers by similar paging frequency for convenience when suspending numbers with different paging providers.  Those paging carriers using our RCC Gateway™ product in conjunction with the Quick Disconnect feature will have all pager units automatically suspended directly on the paging terminal.

Many other conveniences, advanced reporting and automation features await your business with the Paging Manager product for ManageMore. 

 Paging Manager Features
Record and maintain all pager contract information  screen shot screen shot
Quick customer lookup by pager phone number, capcode, or serial number
Flexible choice of monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual billing
Various professional statement forms are available, as well as optional exporting capabilities to outside mailing services or ability to send e-statements
Bill presentment feature allows instant viewing of all prior customer statements and reprinting capabilities on demand for any prior billing period 
Bills can be suppressed for individual accounts with small balances or for customers who do not desire a bill to be sent
Finance charges (flat or percentage) can be applied with account exclusion capabilities screen shot
Pager call count usage and overcall billing capabilities
Various pager reports included for grouping pager activations by capcode, carrier, customer, pager phone number, pager format, promotions, service type and more screen shot
Advanced pager analysis reports that depict trends in your business
Fully detailed invoices list pager capcodes, telephone numbers, overcall usage, and all other descriptive charges
Unique customer commitment date feature eliminates accidental pager disconnections
Intuitive Quick Disconnect feature automatically deactivates all delinquent accounts and reports pager shut off by frequency
Support for one or multiple Paging Providers
Capcode Inventory database for managing detailed stock pager information (e.g., model, capcode, frequency, message class, location, etc.) screen shot screen shot
Capcode Inventory items can be assigned a reference code to represent various stock area assignments (e.g., Stock, Rental, Reconditioned, Used, Repair, Loaner, etc.)
Capcode Inventory controls blocks of capcodes that may be assigned to agent accounts
Capcode Inventory reconciliation feature for stock pagers
Capcode Inventory reports included for examining database
Batch data entry feature allows a block of capcodes to be activated for billing to a single customer (useful for larger customers who purchase dozens of pagers at a time)
Phone Number Inventory database for maintaining available, in use, and aging phone numbers from a given DID or NXX phone block screen shot
Phone Number Inventory allows for alias phone numbers to be associated to a number for special cases like toll free numbers or other forwarded phone numbers
Phone Number Inventory allows assignment of call count charges and additional charges to specific phone numbers
Phone Number Inventory allows grouping of phone numbers by geographic regions for quick retrieval of available phone numbers in a particular county, city, state, etc.
Phone Number Inventory reports included for examining database
Audit trail history of capcode and phone number usage screen shot
Tight Integration within ManageMore's CRM for quick access to all customer and pager related information screen shot
Shortcut keys and toolbar can be setup to gain access to Pager Manager features screen shot
Automated price calculation on pager services based on customer type, pager programming, or promotions for a specific period


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