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Pager RCC Gateway™

The RCC Gateway™ is the most sophisticated add-on feature to the Paging Manager and is intended only for paging carriers that want full automation between their management software and paging terminal.  This advanced software product makes it possible for a paging carrier to completely eliminate double entry practices of programming pagers on a paging terminal switch while re-entering similar information into their business software for billing and customer service reasons.  The RCC Gateway not only saves countless hours a month in reduction of double entry practices, but also has the added benefit of reducing billing errors by keeping the paging terminal and billing engine properly synchronized at all times. It's no wonder why more paging carriers rely on ManageMore's RCC Gateway™ for programming their paging terminal than any other commercial product on the market.

Bridge the gap between your accounting system and your paging switch.  With the RCC Gateway™, a dedicated computer on your network is used as a bridge in communicating with paging terminals made by Glenayre, Motorola, Zetron, TGA, Telelink, etc. and the ManageMore program.  As pager activations, disconnections and programming changes occur throughout a busy paging carriers computer network, all programming information is sent to the RCC Gateway which then communicates with one or more connected paging terminals to process the request.  The whole undertaking of programming a pager takes just a few seconds, regardless of where the paging terminal is located.

Enhance the use of ManageMore by taking advantage of an integrated paging switch. With the RCC Gateway, one enhances many of the basic Paging Manager functions and takes them to a new level of sophistication.  In fact, many paging carriers who use our RCC Gateway find themselves eliminating direct access to their paging terminal from most personnel because of the robust capabilities and audit controls they achieve through the use of this product. 

For example, one can set up ManageMore so that activating a pager requires an invoice be created first.  This eliminates any possible fraud and truly streamlines the entire process of creating the customer, programming the pager, making the invoice and then activating the unit.

Send Test Pages instantly without ever leaving your desk or picking up the phone.  With the combination of the RCC Gateway interface and the use of our Auto Page™ product, one will never again have to walk over to a paging terminal to send test pages or use conventional telephone means for paging someone.  All page-outs are sent directly to the paging terminal for immediate encoding to the transmitter while sparing any traffic through your valuable DID or T1 phone exchanges.  Your entire network can easily send test pages without modems, additional phone lines or special connections to the paging terminal.   Both numeric and alphanumeric messages can be sent easily to any pager located in the Paging Manager database.

Produce true automation when interrupting pager service for non-paying customers.  Through tight integration with the Quick Disconnect capabilities of the Paging Manager, one truly automates the process of disconnecting pager service for customer non-payment.  Customers are immediately removed from the billing process and active pager service is interrupted from the paging terminal in one simple step.

Sell and activate large quantities of pagers with just a couple of keystrokes.  Through innovative design, the RCC Gateway interface is able to sell large blocks of pagers to resellers and automatically have each pager unit activated at the same time.  Larger paging carriers that sell dozens of pagers at a time to resellers/agents can now invoice, activate, pack and ship large amounts of pagers without much more effort than selling one or two pagers to a customer.

Consequently, the benefits of the RCC Gateway™ are not weighed by how the software interface communicates to the paging terminal, but from how the technology is utilized and embraced from within ManageMore to be of assistance to the paging carrier.  The RCC Gateway™ is a "must have" software interface for growing paging carriers that want to ultimately minimize employee overhead, lower costly billing errors, reduce fraud, and improve customer relations through efficient automated processes. 

 RCC Gateway Features
Eliminates double-entry by allowing direct pager programming to occur from ManageMore to the paging terminal
Acts as a  firewall by reducing the need for direct interaction with the paging terminal
Supports programming of 5 Tone, Golay, Pocsag, Flex and Id Page formats
Supports programming of Numeric, Alphanumeric, Voice, and Tone message class
Paging terminal interface communicates with Glenayre 3000, Motorola Unipage, Zetron, Telelink, TGA, and many others switch-based technologies*
Supports up to four simultaneous paging terminal connections per site
Supports programming of remote paging terminals that allow programming requests through TNPP connections
Communicates with paging terminal via direct connection or phone dial-up connection
Automatic reconciliation capabilities synchronizes database with the paging terminal
Call count import capabilities eliminates manual data entry for call count charges
Test Equipment feature designed for testing batches of pagers by temporarily activating units and sending several test page sequences
Tight integration with the Paging Manager module for improved automation and interaction with the paging terminal and many pager related processes

*The RCC Gateway is licensed to work with only one technology.  Additional fees apply for multiple paging technologies through one Gateway platform.


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