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Software Lock-Out Related Issues

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Here you will find information on pass code issues and lock-out conditions that sometimes occur when using Intellisoft products.

Like most commercially sold products today, copy protection techniques and security controls are embedded into our software to help prevent software piracy, limit security breaches, and in some cases help improve our collections efforts.

Whether you refer to it as a  web code, pass code, or  password... it all references the same principle... a lock-out condition where one cannot access a feature or continue further within the program without  a special code (similar to PIN numbers with Bank Cards and Credit Cards).  Other lockout conditions can occur within ManageMore that sometimes do not even request a pass code for correction.

Below, we have listed several common lock-out conditions and remedies to those problems. Unfortunately, in many cases, the only remedy to resolve these lock-out conditions is to contact us.  If a pass code entry field is being requested, DO NOT make attempts at guessing at the pass code or using older pass codes you have used in the past.  Not only will guessing at a pass code not work, it will definitely cause the ManageMore program to think you are "hacking" and may worsen the situation.

Activation Code

An activation code is used to initially register a ManageMore software license.  You should receive this activation code via email after purchasing your ManageMore program.   If you did not receive this email or have lost the email, please click here to have your activation code emailed to you again.

Monthly Pass Code or Temporary Lockout (Code 101a)

The monthly pass code lockout is our most common pass code and is actually an intentional monthly software lockout feature intended for financing or leasing the ManageMore business software suite or its software modules.  This lockout feature is clearly explained in our software license agreement and always happens somewhere between the 1st and 10th of every month during the business week only (i.e. Monday-Friday).  Customers who have fully purchased the ManageMore business software may receive this code on the subsequent month only as confirmation that prior full payment was in good standings (e.g. Business check cleared, Credit Card not reported stolen, etc.).

If you have received this type of monthly lockout cod,  there are actually a few ways to get this common pass code without contacting Intellisoft:

1. Appearing on the pass code window, will be a button that says "Get Web Code".  If your computer is connected to the internet or contains a modem and phone line for connection to the internet, pressing this button will immediately retrieve your pass code if your account is in good standings.  (This is the recommended method for retrieving this monthly pass code)

2. Customers who are  receiving a  monthly statement via mail will find their pass code printed on the statement if their account is not past due and in good standings.

3. Contacting are company directly during office hours is your last option if the two options above do not work for you. 

Note: If you have fully purchased the ManageMore software and continue to receive monthly interruptions from this pass code, please contact our customer service department immediately.


Hardware Key Missing

If your current license of ManageMore requires a hardware key, then this device must be connected to a computer that frequently enters the ManageMore program (at least once every 24 hours).  Network users can place the hardware key on any computer on the LAN, but it must be able to enter the ManageMore program once a day.  Most users place the hardware key on the computer that tends to login to ManageMore most often or the computer that logins into ManageMore first in the morning.   Alternatively, you can choose a less often used computer on the network to login to ManageMore and then leave the computer on indefinitely.


Date Pass Code Lockout

The ManageMore program does not  easily allow the user to change the computer system date at will.  Altering the computer date back and forth will be interpreted by the ManageMore program as an attempt to thwart security measures and will cause a security breach.  In most cases, placing the computer date back to the date that the ManageMore program says you should be on, will eliminate this error and allow you to continue working in the program.

This lockout condition is actually quite rare since computers don't normally lose track of their date and time on a continuous basis.  Furthermore, there is no valid reason we have ever encountered for someone wanting to purposely alter their computer date radically while working with ManageMore (or any other software for that matter).  ManageMore software already allows you to back date and future date invoices within the program, without the need to manually alter your computers clock date.

If this lockout condition occurs and you are unable to correct it, please contact Intellisoft.


Hardware Key Not Activated

This condition occurs if you have not yet registered the program.  Before you can install the hardware key, you must go to the menu under File... Register Program... and follow the directions that subsequently follow.  Afterwards, you will be able to create a new company profile and begin use of the ManageMore business software.


Upgrade Build Error

This condition occurs when you have attempted to upgrade your software program after your subscription plan has expired with Intellisoft.  You must restore from your backup and contact Intellisoft regarding our annual subscription plans.

Borrowing someone else's upgrade disk or attempting to get the latest version of ManageMore without being on active support is illegal!


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