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 POS Software Features
Fully integrates with Accounts Receivable, Inventory and General Ledger in real time
Allows invoice to be charged to customer account balance with credit limit checking
Supports Customer Bill To / Ship To address information on invoice screen shot
Allows Multiple Ship To Address selection for each Bill To Customer Address
Supports most POS devices including barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, store pole displays, signature capture pads, and magnetic card readers
Supports authorization and processing of credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks
Automatically retrieves customer prior credit card information for quicker processing
Supports Address Verification System (AVS) and CVV2 for fraud reduction when accepting credit card payments without the customer being present (i.e., phone, fax, mail, etc.)
Allows an instant view of whether an item is in stock at your store or any other location.
Allows immediate lookup of the correct price of an item which may have lost its tag
Allows unique Intellisearch lookup for quickly finding items by description, regardless if spelling is incorrect or description is typed in different sequence
Promotional pricing capability for a specified date range and price level
Supports 5 different promotional discount schemes including "x% off item", "At x$ off per item","At x$ per item", "Buy x quantity for y$, get z quantity free", and "Buy x quantity at $y each, get z quantity more at q% off item"
Capable of up to 8 different taxes per invoice
Summary of all the day's activity at a POS station, or for a particular clerk, or for the whole store
Flexible cash drawer management allows one or multiple employees to perform their own daily cash drawer reconciliation for bank deposits
Allows cash drawer override for creating transactions that effect someone else's cash drawer
True cash drawer reconciliation process accounts for monies started in the cash register and monies to be left for the next day in the cash register
Supports industry standard deposit slip forms for easily submitting deposits to your bank
Supports Multiple Tenders and allows user-definable Tenders (Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Money Order, Check, Store Credit, Gift Certificate, etc.)
Allows split tender capability on invoice
Discounts by line item or globally for entire invoice
Discounts by redemption items (coupons, rebates, etc.) for tracking promotions
Easily assign/override the salesperson per invoice
Automatic salesperson commission tracking
Allows back dating of invoice for past transactions
Records shipping method  (UPS, Fedex, Pick-Up, etc.) and tracking number on invoice
Supports freight charges on invoice with automatic freight estimation capabilities
Allows item description, quantity and unit price change overrides
Allows pricing levels to be changed to reflect different item prices for certain customers
Provides several professional invoice formats to choose from including 8.5"x11" standard forms, 20 column receipt, 40 column receipt, etc.)
Permits Company Logo to be added for printing on 8.5"x11" invoice formats
Allows printing of duplicate invoice for capturing credit card signatures
Allows partial or total refunding of invoices
Allows prior invoice history lookup by means of a credit card number so that customers can conveniently return items without the need of a physical receipt (only the customer credit card would be needed to cross-reference back to the original sale)
Automatically keeps track of items already refunded against the same invoice and prohibits additional refunds from exceeding the quantity left from the original invoice
Invoice can reference a specific customer account or allows you to enter customer info on-the-fly
Allows Invoice to be emailed to recipient
Permits each invoice line item to contain additional memo information up to 500 characters (warranty info, disclaimers, return policies, kit composition, etc.)
Supports serialized inventory capabilities (serial number or lot number) during POS entry 
Supports item kits/groupings of one part to represent multiple parts
Supports trade-in items, returns, redemptions, and other negative quantity line items during POS entry 
Allows customizing of Invoice screen to remove features that do not pertain to your business model (Account No., Bill To, Ship To, Salesperson, P.O. Number, Terms, etc.)
Inventory items can be set up as tax free or entire invoice can be tax exempt
Quick lookup of past invoices by transaction number, customer account, or invoice date
Unlimited items per invoice
Automatic discontinuation of item when last one in stock is sold
Switch printers on-the-fly
Allows customers to be entered on-the-fly during the point of sale
Password protection when overriding unit/extended price

Everything you'll ever need in a POS software system!

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