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When it comes down to it... being able to quickly and accurately receive information is critical to the success of every business.  Being able to gather financial, marketing, sales, inventory and other business related data is a key part of any business management solution.  ManageMore provides a variety of means for entrepreneurs to gain access to their data via standard printed reports as well as more advanced data mining techniques used by larger organizations.  Inside ManageMore, a wide array of integrated modules work together to enhance your reporting experience and increase productivity.

Powerful analysis reports are ready-to-use without the need of any external reporting tools.
Included with ManageMore reporting are numerous sophisticated reports which can be used to track the progress and performance of your business in several key areas.  Standard reports like: Advertising Statistics, Company Statistics, Customer Profit Analysis, Invoice Profit Analysis, Monthly Sales Analysis, and Referral Statistics.  These and other ready made reports will help you quickly determine trends and help your business forecast more accurately.

Create your own custom reports with our built-in report generating tools.  Sometimes you need to access certain information and present it in a different manner than the standard reports included in your business management software.  ManageMore includes a user-friendly report query tool which allows you to easily gather data sets and then sort or group break information in any way you see fit.  The report query system also totals and averages data columns within the report as well.  These report queries can be saved and retrieved at a later time by anyone within your organization.

Take your reporting data to the next level by exporting information straight into spreadsheet programs and external database query applications.  In some cases, you need to do more than just basic reporting, you need to analyze data, graph data, or perform more complicated mathematical formulas against your data.  ManageMore offers File Export Pro™ as a means to export reporting information into standard ASCII file formats that can be read by many popular programs like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.  We make it simple enough that even a non-computer user can extract information quickly and easily by using any of the reports that are already provided within the ManageMore reporting engine.

For those companies that want data mining capabilities, our ODBC interface gives you ultimate control.  Go ahead... Create your own custom reports, graphs, forecast analysis, projections, etc. in real-time.  Build your own software interface or bridge your data to the world wide web for a wide variety of uses.  Our ODBC Driver Kit is designed for computer consultants, CIO's, and other computer professionals who are familiar with the concepts of database systems and require more automated data gathering techniques.

Utilize our Accounting Export process to seamlessly pass information to other accounting systems.  We make it painless to pull journal entry information out of ManageMore and into other accounting systems that you also operate.  Whether you need detailed or summary journal entries, we make it simple with our Accounting Export Interface.

Automate not just how, but when your information is collected and where it is displayed.  Through the use of integrated FTP services, one can easily send reports to the World Wide Web for everyone to view information, from anywhere in the world.  Our advanced reporting features also offer scheduled report execution, another step to ensuring that the information you are asking for is available when you need it.  Our innovative Job Scheduler™  can be implemented to automatically schedule any reporting job to be printed, emailed, or sent to the World Wide Web at any time or day interval you prefer.


Consequently, when it comes to advanced reporting features... you will find that ManageMore lives up to its name.


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